Mum leaves brilliant note in daughter’s lunchbox after she wasn’t allowed to eat ‘bad’ food first

A bemused mum has sent her three-year-old daughter to preschool with a brilliant note in her lunchbox after being told she was not allowed to have her “bad” cookie until she finished her “good” foods. Caroline said her toddler Evelyn came home from school — explaining how her teacher had told her she had to … Read more

Adelaide toddler with rare genetic condition that makes her ‘ultra-flexible’

An Adelaide toddler with a rare genetic variation has “gobsmacked” health professionals with her flexibility. Xanthie Thea Wooldridge-Wright has a 22q11.2 duplication — a genetic variation present in about one in 4000 births. The variation means a portion of Xanthie’s 22nd chromosome is duplicated. Stream your local 7NEWS free on 7plus It can result in … Read more

Aussie mum thought she had perfect newborn. At five weeks, she was left fighting for her life with a mystery illness

As doctors raced to begin resuscitating her five-week-old baby, helpless first-time mum Adrienne watched on — in shock and despair. “It was this out of body experience,” she recalls, of her stunned reaction to the sudden and dramatic events surrounding her very sick little girl. The Sydney mum was standing in hospital Emergency, silent and … Read more

Libby Trickett calls out shocking comment made to her eight-year-old daughter

Former Olympic swimmer Libby Trickett has been praised for calling out a comment made to her young daughter about her weight. The mum-of-four took to Instagram on Thursday to share what happened. WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Libby Trickett shares shocking comment made to her daughter. Stream the world’s best reality, entertainment and true-crime shows free … Read more

Aussie ex-paramedic on the one thing you must do after calling triple-0

It’s a vital step many frantic callers to triple-0 forget — especially during emergency situations. But a former paramedic says it’s the one crucial thing you should always do when you call for help. WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Ex-paramedic’s one step after calling triple-0. Stream the world’s best reality, entertainment and true-crime shows free on … Read more

Popular mummy influencer Ruby Franke sentenced to consecutive prison terms for four counts of aggravated child abuse

Ruby Franke, a mother and popular web personality from Utah in the US who pleaded guilty last year to four counts of aggravated child abuse, has been given four consecutive sentences of one to 15 years in prison. “My charges are just,” Franke said at the sentencing on Tuesday. “They offer safety to my family, … Read more

YouTube mom Ruby Franke apologizes at sentencing in child abuse case

SALT LAKE CITY — Ruby Franke, a Utah mother of six who gave parenting advice to millions via a once-popular a YouTube channel, shared a tearful apology to her children for physically and emotionally abusing them before a judge delivered a sentence that could put her in prison for years, if not decades. Franke also … Read more

Adelaide boy Enzo Cornejo who lives with progeria shares words of wisdom with other youth: ‘What’s important is being happy’

Enzo Cornejo has a condition that’s prevalent in about one in four million births worldwide, but while his life experience is incredibly unique, the lessons he’s learnt in his lifetime so far are relevant to everyone. Cornejo was diagnosed with progeria, a condition that causes rapid ageing, just before he turned three. WATCH THE VIDEO … Read more

How to know if head injury is minor or serious: Paramedic explains why you want your child to cry after a bump

A former paramedic has explained why a child crying after suffering a knock to the head is considered a good sign. Nikki Jurcutz says if you notice your kid isn’t crying immediately after a head bump, you need to seek urgent medical attention. “Sometimes it can be hard to tell with little ones, but one … Read more