A rising trend for tackling unaffordable housing

Boomers are renting out their homes, apartments amid rising housing costs The co-living arrangement has benefits for both homeowners and renters 75% of the country’s housing was considered unaffordable in 2023 (NewsNation) — Many Baby Boomers are turning to home-sharing amid high inflation and rising housing costs, marking a rise in what people are calling “boommates.” … Read more

Gen X has the most non-mortgage debt, millennials are close behind

(NewsNation) — Mortgages make up the bulk of household debt but a new analysis shows most Americans owe thousands of dollars beyond their home loans, with members of Gen X carrying the highest balances. Across the 100 largest metros in the U.S., the median non-mortgage debt is $24,668, according to online lending marketplace LendingTree. Gen … Read more

Why Gen Z is investing earlier than millennials did

Eternity In An Instant | Stone | Getty Images The financial benefit of starting to invest early The time element is crucial for investing. A teenager opening a retirement savings account could end up with hundreds of thousands more dollars compared to someone who began saving in their 20s. For example, say you put aside … Read more

Wealth gap between millennials spurs a new class war

A version of this article first appeared in CNBC’s Inside Wealth newsletter with Robert Frank, a weekly guide to the high-net-worth investor and consumer. Sign up to receive future editions, straight to your inbox. The wealth gap between rich millennials and the rest of their age group is the largest of any generation, creating a new wave … Read more

Gold is safer than mining stocks: State Street’s Milling-Stanley

Investors looking to weather a volatile market may want to opt for physical gold over gold stocks. That’s according to George Milling-Stanley, one of the world’s experts in gold and the chief gold strategist at State Street Global Advisors. “One of the reasons I own gold bar(s) is that I believe it offers me some … Read more

Millennials’ retirement outlook may be worse than older generations

JGI/Jamie Grill | Blend Images | Getty Images Millennials’ retirement prospects seem rockier than those of older generations of Americans. That’s largely a function of long-term policy changes such as a later age for full Social Security benefits and a shift to 401(k)-type plans, longer average lifespans and a bigger student debt burden relative to … Read more

Why Gen Z doesn’t want to buy a car online

Momo Productions | Digitalvision | Getty Images Growing up in the age of the internet and technology, online shopping is second nature for Gen Zers. One-third, 32%, of Gen Z consumers shop online at least once a day, according to data from marketing firm Tinuiti. Yet, 80% of Gen Z drivers prefer to shop for … Read more

How Laguna Beach, California, is helping residents age in place

Laguna Beach, California Luciano Lejtman | Moment | Getty Images When most people think of Laguna Beach, California, they think of its scenic coves and beaches. But the small coastal city — with a population of around 22,600 — is also pioneering a new model for elder care. About 77% of adults ages 50 and … Read more

Real estate investment trust are one option for inflation protection

    MBPROJEKT_Maciej_Bledowski | iStock | Getty Images For retirees searching for investment income and protection from inflation, one solution may be real estate investment trusts. REITs, as they’re called, are companies that own and/or operate properties like office buildings, shopping malls, apartment complexes and warehouses. While they do come with more risk than some … Read more