Bitcoin Pizza Day: Techie paid 10,000 Bitcoins for Pizza in 2010, now worth Rs 5,800 crore

On May 22nd each year, the cryptocurrency community commemorates Bitcoin Pizza Day, an event marking a significant milestone in digital currency history. This day celebrates the first-ever real-world transaction using Bitcoin, a moment that has become a symbolic tale of Bitcoin’s journey from an obscure technology to a global financial force. The Pizza That Started … Read more

Bitcoin: Bitcoin ‘halving’ cuts supply of new tokens in threat to miners

A highly anticipated Bitcoin software update called the “halving” has been completed, dealing a potential blow to the companies that make money by ensuring that the digital currency functions smoothly and securely. The once-every-four-years event cut in half the so-called mining reward, which is the amount of Bitcoin released from the network to compensate companies … Read more

Bitcoin: Bitcoin ‘halving’ could deal a $10-billion blow to crypto miners

For enthusiasts of Bitcoin, a once-every-four-years software update called the “halving” has long been held as one of the keys to propping up its value. This time around, it’s also set to trigger multibillion-dollar declines in revenue for the very companies that ensure the digital currency’s smooth functioning, right on the heels of a surge … Read more

Gold is safer than mining stocks: State Street’s Milling-Stanley

Investors looking to weather a volatile market may want to opt for physical gold over gold stocks. That’s according to George Milling-Stanley, one of the world’s experts in gold and the chief gold strategist at State Street Global Advisors. “One of the reasons I own gold bar(s) is that I believe it offers me some … Read more