Porsche Learned The Worst Lesson From Tesla, And It Sucks

For better or worse, Tesla has made a significant mark on the automobile industry. The American electric car manufacturer has influenced so much change in the last decade of car making, spurring the EV boom, pushing direct-to-consumer sales, and changing the meaning of a 0-60 time. One other thing that Tesla does, however, is offer … Read more

Porsche Has Been (Sort Of) Building Hybrids For 125 Years. Here’s All Of Them

Image: Porsche On the back of a successful Cayenne S Hybrid introduction, Porsche also launched its first hybrid racing car in 2010 with the GT3 R Hybrid. This incredible car was not built to any specific rulebook, though it raced a few times in special exhibition classes and almost immediately proved its mettle on the … Read more

Volkswagen Scirocco Could Be Headed For A Comeback As An EV

The Volkswagen Scirocco and Corrado are easily the best cars that VW ever designed. Sports coupes are now less popular among the public than they’ve been in the past, making a revival of either VW coupe unlikely, but the Scirocco is rumored to be returning to Europe as a two-door EV in 2028, according to … Read more

Zagato’s New Twin Tail Gives The Alpine A110 A Retro-Aping Removable Butt

Image: Zagato Zagato has a history of somewhat polarizing designs, and the new Zagato AGTZ Twin Tail, based on the current Alpine A110 compact sports car, continues that trend. This little machine has a longer nose and removable long tail cone, ostensibly to make it more aerodynamic, but also to remind enthusiasts of the long-gone … Read more

2024 BMW Z4 With Manual Transmission Will Hit 60 MPH In 4.2 Seconds

Photo: BMW When we last drove the BMW Z4, we liked it a lot more than a lot of people probably would have expected. The interior was especially nice compared to the Toyota Supra’s and came with better technology while still being just as good to drive. Especially considering the fact that the Porsche 718 … Read more