Volkswagen Scirocco Could Be Headed For A Comeback As An EV

The Volkswagen Scirocco and Corrado are easily the best cars that VW ever designed. Sports coupes are now less popular among the public than they’ve been in the past, making a revival of either VW coupe unlikely, but the Scirocco is rumored to be returning to Europe as a two-door EV in 2028, according to … Read more

Volkswagen Arteon Sees End To Production A Whole Year Early

The Volkswagen Arteon hasn’t sold well in the U.S. since it was first introduced, so Volkswagen has expedited its initial plan to discontinue the nameplate after the 2024 model year, and instead decided to unplug the Arteon’s life support system one year early. Sadly there won’t be much outcry for the passing of this dashing … Read more