This Is Why It’s Important To Pull All The Way Forward At A Stop Light

We’ve all spewed expletives at stop lights that take too long, but it could have been your fault — maybe you didn’t pull forward far enough, or you pulled too far forward to let the light know there is a car waiting. Traffic lights are timed using a few different methods, with many using inductive … Read more

Drunk Driver Hits Cop During DUI Stop In Virginia

Gif: Virginia State Police A drunk driver slammed into the back of a police cruiser stopped on Interstate 495 in Virginia early Tuesday morning. A Virginia State Trooper had stopped another driver suspected of driving under the influence of drugs. The collision sent the patrol car right into the trooper who was standing by the … Read more

Pennsylvania Senator Fetterman Was Driving ‘Well Over The Posted Speed Limit’ Just Before Crash

Photo: Tom Brenner (Reuters) Democratic senator and Carhartt hoodie enthusiast John Fetterman crashed his Chevrolet Traverse into the back of an Impala in Maryland on Sunday morning, landing himself, certified baddie Giselle Fetterman, and the driver of the Impala in the hospital. Nobody was seriously injured, Fetterman was treated for a bruised shoulder and released. … Read more

Seattle Hits Infamous Charger Hellcat Owner With Over $80,000 In Fines

Image: NBC King5 News The infamous Seattle Dodge Charger Hellcat owner who thought he was hot shit for terrorizing the city with his loud exhaust and reckless driving has had his actions catch up with him. After a judge ruled that he couldn’t drive his “Belltown Hellcat” due to him disturbing the peace with its … Read more

This U.S. Town Has Upside Down Traffic Lights Because The Irish Hate The English

We all know what traffic lights look like, right? The red light is on the top, meaning stop, yellow is in the middle and green is at the bottom to tell you when it’s time to go. However, in a neighborhood in one New York town, that’s been flipped on its head by the Irish … Read more

‘This Is Not Silverstone:’ Traffic Cop Popped For Doing 154 MPH

Sometimes, someone gets caught driving so fast that you don’t need context to understand just how reckless they were. Like one British traffic cop who was recently caught driving 154 mph. And while that kind of thing would probably get brushed under the rug in the U.S., apparently, in the UK, cops actually face consequences. … Read more

California Passes Bill Requiring New Cars To Beep At You When You’re Speeding

Photo: Franz Marc Frei (Getty Images) In developed countries all over the world, driving continues to get safer. The one exception to that rule is the United States, where driving continues to get more dangerous. Unfortunately, there are so many factors that make drivers in the U.S. more dangerous, there’s no silver bullet that will … Read more

Oakland Thwarts Copper Thieves With Novel Stop Sign Technology

Screenshot: KPIX City officials in Oakland, California decided to replace a traffic light at an intersection with stop signs last week. This decision wasn’t part of some urbanist initiative to calm traffic; the city couldn’t keep the light functional. The Chevy Colorado’s Headlight Controls Are Deeply Frustrating And I Need To Yell About Them Local … Read more

These States Have The Most Aggressive Drivers: Study

Photo: Denis Torkhov (Getty Images) People tend to assume their state, and especially their city, has the worst drivers in the country. We tend to chalk that up to the fact that you’re going to notice a lot more bad behavior in the place you live compared to somewhere you’re visiting, but ultimately, somewhere has … Read more

Import Cars More Likely To Receive Speeding Tickets Than U.S. Brands

Photo: Mark Ralston / AFP (Getty Images) There’s rarely ever data to back up the preconceived notions we all hold about how cars look, like how we’ve all been led to believe that police pull over red cars more often than others. However, the data paints an interesting picture when it does exist. Research shows … Read more