How does heat kill? It confuses your brain. It shuts down your organs. It overworks your heart.

As temperatures and humidity soar outside, what’s happening inside the human body can become a life-or-death battle decided by just a few degrees. The critical danger point outdoors for illness and death from relentless heat is several degrees lower than experts once thought, say researchers who put people in hot boxes to see what happens … Read more

If you can’t stay indoors during this US heat wave, here are a few ideas

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. — It’s hot and getting hotter for workers and everyone else outdoors as the first significant heat wave of the year makes its way eastward across the United States. More than 70 million people were under extreme heat alerts Monday. What’s more, the heat will move in and sit. Excessive humidity will … Read more

Climate records keep getting shattered. Here is what you need to know

WASHINGTON — Month after month, global temperatures are setting new records. Meanwhile, scientists and climate policymakers warn of the growing likelihood that the planet will soon exceed the warming target set at the landmark Paris 2015 climate talks. Making sense of the run of climate extremes may be challenging for some. Here’s a look at … Read more

AP analysis finds 2023 set record for US heat deaths, killing in areas that used to handle the heat

David Hom suffered from diabetes and felt nauseated before he went out to hang his laundry in 108-degree weather, another day in Arizona’s record-smashing, unrelenting July heat wave. His family found the 73-year-old lying on the ground, his lower body burned. Hom died at the hospital, his core body temperature at 107 degrees. The death … Read more

Improving energy resilience in Pakistan could avert 175,000 deaths by 2030, UNICEF says

ISLAMABAD — Developing resilient energy systems to power health facilities in Pakistan could avert over 175,000 deaths in the country by 2030, a new new study by the United Nations children’s agency said Friday. It would also contribute $296 million to the country’s fragile economy over the next 20 years by reducing maternal, adult and … Read more

AP PHOTOS: Weeks of sweltering heat scorch northern India

BIKANER, India — People in northern India have been struggling with an unrelenting, weekslong heat wave that has forced schools to close in some places and raised the risk of heatstrokes for laborers working outdoors. India’s weather department expects the high temperatures to persist across the region for the next few days and has put … Read more

After a deadly heat wave last summer, metro Phoenix is changing tactics

PHOENIX — Terrified of being assaulted in a shelter, Pearl Marion couch surfed with family members and friends during last year’s blistering summer so she didn’t have to sleep outdoors. This year, the 65-year-old woman plans to spend Phoenix’s dangerously hot summer nights in a former cafeteria at the city’s main library, sleeping in a … Read more

Sweltering heat across Asia was 45 times more likely because of climate change, study finds

BENGALURU, India — Sizzling heat across Asia and the Middle East in late April that echoed last year’s destructive swelter was made 45 times more likely in some parts of the continent because of human-caused climate change, a study Tuesday found. Scorching temperatures were felt across large swaths of Asia, from Gaza in the west … Read more

AP PHOTOS: South and Southeast Asian countries cope with a weekslong heat wave

South and Southeast Asian countries have been coping with a weekslong heat wave rendering record high temperatures that have posed a severe health risk. Umbrellas to shield against blazing sunlight are popular, air-conditioned malls are serving as urban oases, and schools in Cambodia have been cutting back their hours. In the Philippines, India and Bangladesh, … Read more

When red-hot isn’t enough: New government heat risk tool sets magenta as most dangerous level

WASHINGTON — Forget about red hot. A new color-coded heat warning system relies on magenta to alert Americans to the most dangerous conditions they may see this summer. The National Weather Service and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday — Earth Day — presented a new online heat risk system that combines … Read more