The top travel tips for introverts, as recommended by introverts

The thought of round-the-clock “togetherness” — with friends, family or strangers bound together in a tour group — can be overwhelming to the estimated 57% of people who lean toward introversion. Solo travel can suit introverts, who tend to re-energize by time spent alone. But even as its popularity increases, most trips are taken with … Read more

What to know about traveling in Japan? 7 tips from frequent travelers

Japan has long captivated travelers. But many of its most famous qualities — from the cuisine to the country’s nationwide culture of civility — can initially be befuddling for outsiders too. To help travelers bridge the cultural gap, CNBC Travel asked frequent visitors for their single best piece of advice when visiting Japan. 1. Speak … Read more

Virgin Voyages launches month-long trip

Virgin Voyages is targeting a new type of traveler: remote workers. In March, the Miami-based cruise line owned by Sir Richard Branson introduced a month-long cruise called the “Scarlet Summer Season Pass.” It’s essentially four week-long cruises packaged together to appeal to remote workers who want to spend a month at sea in southern Europe. … Read more

Why is luxury travel so expensive? High prices aren’t curbing demand

The travel industry is largely back on track. But high prices in the luxury sector, which rose in the wake of the Covid pandemic, aren’t returning to normal. In fact, they’re growing higher by the month. Luxury hotel rates reached “peak levels” this year, with average daily rates up 70% compared to 2019, according to … Read more

What a one-night journey costs

Reservations for Italy’s new “La Dolce Vita Orient Express” train open Tuesday. Luxury train enthusiasts may want to lock in the current rate now — before it climbs any higher. Starting rates for a one-night journey on the luxury train increased from 2,000 euros ($2,168) per person in December 2022 to 2,500 euros per person … Read more

Where and how the wealthy travel is changing

Heli-skiing on virgin snow in Antarctica for a cool $2.2 million. A polar bear safari in an “off-limits” area of Norway’s Svalbard for $300,000. How about tracking snow leopards in the Himalayas with renowned explorers for $100,000?  Big-ticket travel experiences like those are indicative of the “quiet luxury” trend which began in the world of … Read more

More Indian travelers are choosing extreme road trips to see the world

Meenakshi Sai, 51, looks like any other Indian woman, dressed in a saree and sporting a bindi on her forehead. But unlike many women in her country, she’s been driving since she was 18 years old. As of 2020, less than 7% of India’s 236 million drivers were women, according to the data website Statista. … Read more

Debate heats up as Singapore PM says Taylor Swift deal isn’t ‘unfriendly’

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said Tuesday that a closed-door deal for Taylor Swift to perform in the city-state ensured she would not perform in other Southeast Asian countries during her Eras tour. “(Our) agencies negotiated an arrangement with her to come to Singapore and perform and to make Singapore her only stop in … Read more

What the job is like and how much they make

Lucy Alexandra Spencer spent 16 weeks abroad last year in Oman, France, Switzerland and Portugal. Unlike with most people, traveling is how she earns — rather than spends — money. The trips are paid for by Spencer’s employers — they’re wealthy Europeans and Americans who hire her to travel with their families for weeks and, … Read more

The Eastern & Oriental luxury train is back — here’s what it costs

After nearly four years, the Eastern & Oriental Express is back on the rails.     The train, which is operated by the luxury travel company Belmond, this week welcomed its first set of passengers since it stopped running as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.    The luxury train has been operating in Southeast Asia … Read more