Deepfakes Are Evolving. This Company Wants to Catch Them All

Some Fortune 500 companies have begun testing software that can spot a deepfake of a real person in a live video call, following a spate of scams involving fraudulent job seekers who take a signing bonus and run. The detection technology comes courtesy of GetReal Labs, a new company founded by Hany Farid, a UC-Berkeley … Read more

Why the EU’s Vice President Isn’t Worried About Moon-Landing Conspiracies on YouTube

When European Union vice president Věra Jourová met with YouTube CEO Neal Mohan in California last week, they fell to talking about the long-running conspiracy theory that the moon landings were fake. YouTube has faced calls from some users and advocacy groups to remove videos that question the historic missions. Like other videos denying accepted … Read more

The Biggest Deepfake Porn Website Is Now Blocked in the UK

Two of the biggest deepfake pornography websites have now started blocking people trying to access them from the United Kingdom. The move comes days after the UK government announced plans for a new law that will make creating nonconsensual deepfakes a criminal offense. Nonconsensual deepfake pornography websites and apps that “strip” clothes off of photos … Read more

The Real-Time Deepfake Romance Scams Have Arrived

The Yahoo Boys are experienced scammers—and they openly brag about it. Photos and videos of their conning and recruitment can be found all across social media, from Facebook to TikTok. However, the cybercriminals, who have links back to Nigerian prince email scams, are arguably their most open on Telegram. In groups containing thousands of members, … Read more

OpenAI shares preview of new AI voice technology amid rising deepfake concerns

ChatGPT maker OpenAI shared a preview of a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool Friday that can generate “natural-sounding speech” and mimic human voices. The tool, called Voice Engine, requires only “a single 15-second audio sample to generate natural-sounding speech that closely resembles the original speaker,” OpenAI said in a blog post. The AI startup highlighted … Read more

A Deepfake Nude Generator Reveals a Chilling Look at Its Victims

Another image on the site showed a group of young teens who appear to be in middle school: a boy taking a selfie in what appears to be a school gymnasium with two girls, who smile and pose for the picture. The boy’s features were obscured by a Snapchat lens that enlarged his eyes so … Read more

Photography Is No Longer Evidence of Anything

For weeks now, the world has been awash in conspiracy theories spurred by weird artifacts in a photographic image of the missing Princess of Wales that she eventually admitted had been edited. Some of them got pretty crazy, ranging from a cover-up of Kate’s alleged death, to a theory that the Royal Family were reptilian … Read more

Kids’ Cartoons Get a Free Pass From YouTube’s Deepfake Disclosure Rules

YouTube has updated its rulebook for the era of deepfakes. Starting today, anyone uploading video to the platform must disclose certain uses of synthetic media, including generative AI, so viewers know what they’re seeing isn’t real. YouTube says it applies to “realistic” altered media such as “making it appear as if a real building caught … Read more

Florida Middle Schoolers Arrested for Allegedly Creating Deepfake Nudes of Classmates

Two teenage boys from Miami, Florida, were arrested in December for allegedly creating and sharing AI-generated nude images of male and female classmates without consent, according to police reports obtained by WIRED via public record request. The arrest reports say the boys, aged 13 and 14, created the images of the students who were “between … Read more

Facebook whistleblower, AI godfather join hundreds calling for deepfake regulation

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang and one of the “godfathers” of artificial intelligence (AI), Yoshua Bengio, were among hundreds who signed an open letter Wednesday calling for deepfake regulation. More than 400 AI experts, artists and politicians signed the letter, which urged governments to pass laws criminalizing deepfake child pornography … Read more