ACLU Says Mississippi School District’s Dress Code Violates Title IX

Transgender and gender-nonconforming students at a Mississippi high school were unfairly targeted because of the school district’s sex-specific dress code, the American Civil Liberties Union claims in a complaint filed Wednesday with the U.S. Department of Education. The rights advocacy organization, which brought the complaint on behalf of the mother of a transgender student, said … Read more

Top Florida Court Greenlights 6-Week Abortion Ban

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis departs after speaking at a Concerned Women for America Summit on Sept. 15, 2023. Florida’s state Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the state constitution does not protect abortion care ― declaring the state’s current 15-week ban constitutional and giving the go-ahead for a six-week ban to take effect in 30 … Read more

Judge Temporarily Blocks Idaho’s Ban On Transgender Youth Health Care

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ACLU Sues Texas To Stop Arresting Immigrants

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit to block Texas police from being able to arrest immigrants who crossed the border illegally. “Gov. Abbott’s efforts to circumvent the federal immigration system and deny people the right to due process is not only unconstitutional, but also dangerously prone to error, and will disproportionately harm … Read more