Meta’s New Llama 3.1 AI Model Is Free, Powerful, and Risky

Most tech moguls hope to sell artificial intelligence to the masses. But Mark Zuckerberg is giving away what Meta considers to be one of the world’s best AI models for free. Meta released the biggest, most capable version of a large language model called Llama on Monday, free of charge. Meta has not disclosed the … Read more

RealPage Says Rental Pricing Tech Is Misunderstood, but Landlords Aren’t So Sure

Yardi Systems, another US property management company, is also facing a class action suit regarding antitrust violations for artificially inflating rent prices. The company has said it did “nothing illegal,” as it does not mandate rent prices through its software or make “collusive pricing decisions.” Typical rental costs in Phoenix have increased by more than … Read more

Apple, Nvidia, Anthropic Used Thousands of Swiped YouTube Videos to Train AI

In response to the suits, defendants such as Meta, OpenAI, and Bloomberg have argued that their actions constitute fair use. A case against EleutherAI, which originally scraped the books and made them public, was voluntarily dismissed by the plaintiffs. Litigation in remaining cases remains in the early stages, leaving the questions surrounding permission and payment … Read more

Everything You See Is a Computational Process, If You Know How to Look

The original version of this story appeared in Quanta Magazine. In the movie Oppenheimer, Niels Bohr challenges the physicist early in his career: Bohr: Algebra is like sheet music. The important thing isn’t “can you read music?” It’s “can you hear it?” Can you hear the music, Robert? Oppenheimer: Yes, I can. I can’t hear the algebra, … Read more

AI’s Energy Demands Are Out of Control. Welcome to the Internet’s Hyper-Consumption Era

Right now, generative artificial intelligence is impossible to ignore online. An AI-generated summary may randomly appear at the top of the results whenever you do a Google search. Or you might be prompted to try Meta’s AI tool while browsing Facebook. And that ever-present sparkle emoji continues to haunt my dreams. This rush to add … Read more

AI Can’t Replace Teaching, but It Can Make It Better

Khanmigo doesn’t answer student questions directly, but starts with questions of its own, such as asking whether the student has any ideas about how to find an answer. Then it guides them to a solution, step by step, with hints and encouragement. Notwithstanding Khan’s expansive vision of “amazing” personal tutors for every student on the … Read more

This Viral AI Chatbot Will Lie and Say It’s Human

In late April a video ad for a new AI company went viral on X. A person stands before a billboard in San Francisco, smartphone extended, calls the phone number on display, and has a short call with an incredibly human-sounding bot. The text on the billboard reads: “Still hiring humans?” Also visible is the … Read more

French AI Startups Felt Unstoppable. Then Came the Election

“Then on the other extreme, [the left-wing New Popular Front] have been so vocal about all the taxation measures they want to bring back that it looks like we’re just going back to pre-Macron period,” Varza says. She points to France’s 2012 “les pigeons” (or “suckers”) movement, a campaign by angry internet entrepreneurs that opposed … Read more

Deepfakes Are Evolving. This Company Wants to Catch Them All

Some Fortune 500 companies have begun testing software that can spot a deepfake of a real person in a live video call, following a spate of scams involving fraudulent job seekers who take a signing bonus and run. The detection technology comes courtesy of GetReal Labs, a new company founded by Hany Farid, a UC-Berkeley … Read more

OpenAI Wants AI to Help Humans Train AI

One of the key ingredients that made ChatGPT a ripsnorting success was an army of human trainers who gave the artificial intelligence model behind the bot guidance on what constitutes good and bad outputs. OpenAI now says that adding even more AI into the mix—to help assist human trainers—could help make AI helpers smarter and … Read more