Employers now offer student loan 401(k) match: What it’s like

When Amber Steeves started working at Verizon almost 15 years ago, she did one of the best things you can do when you start a new job. She enrolled in the company’s 401(k) program to begin saving for retirement. “I was never financially stable, and that was a goal,” she tells CNBC Make It. “OK, … Read more

How to make the most of it

Just months ago, we were coveting Loro Piana cashmere baseball hats and $300 Smythson notebooks in the name of “quiet luxury” and justifying such expensive purchases using “girl math.” But in 2024, there’s a new idea taking hold that overtly rejects the urge to overspend and promotes speaking up about saving money — welcome to … Read more

Young Americans in these U.S. cities wish to live a better life abroad

Young Americans say they’d move abroad for a better life with social welfare programs, new cultural experiences and less gun violence. But Gen Zers in some parts of the U.S. are more serious about becoming expats than others. That’s according to Preply, a language tutoring platform, which surveyed 3,000 Americans age 18 to 26 in … Read more

The first step to setting an annual budget is simple

This year, 40% of Americans said they do not make financial resolutions for the new year and 68% said they do not have written financial plans at any point in the year, according to research from BMO Financial Group. However, setting a budget goes a long way in managing your personal finances. “Many people spend … Read more

The top 10 countries where young Americans want to move abroad

Plenty of young Americans say they’d live a better life abroad, and their wish to do so is only growing as they get older. Some 1 in 4 American Gen Zers say they’d move abroad for better social programs, like universal health care, making it their main reason for wanting to live overseas. That’s according … Read more

Travelers want deals — here’s where to find them, says HotelPlanner CEO

It’s been a stellar year for the travel industry, according to Morning Consult. The market research company, in a new report entitled “2023 Holiday Travel Trends,” summarized the year by stating: “leisure volume soared, airplanes were packed, and hotel bookings were high.” But heading into the year-end peak travel season, consumers are showing increased price … Read more

Here are 8 easy ways to save money by going green

    d3sign | Moment | Getty Images The Earth is heating up and the effects — droughts, hurricanes, wildfires, to name a few — are getting more common and severe. Yet consumers can do something about climate change — in simple ways that also save money. “It’s a bunch of little things that add … Read more