Amazon’s Delivery Drones Won’t Fly in Arizona’s Summer Heat

How Amazon’s service fares in the desert could end up underscoring the natural barriers to making a solid business out of drone deliveries, at least absent technological advances. “We won’t take orders when the temperature gets above 104 degrees,” Calsee Hendrickson, a director of product and program management for Amazon Prime Air, told Phoenix’s 12News … Read more

New Doomsday Plane Will Allow U.S. Government To Live On In Event Of Nuclear Hellfire

Photo: DefenseImagery via Wikimedia Commons You may have heard of the famous “Doomsday” Plane, meant to keep the government up and running even if our world has been eviscerated by nuclear hellfire since the early 1970s. Well, now it seems we’re getting a second generation of the plane to the tune of $13 billion. Who … Read more

What Was Your Worst Air Travel Experience?

Photo: Jasmin Merdan (Getty Images) Remember when air travel was all comfort and luxury, jet-setting around on the Concorde in full black tie regalia? Yeah, me neither. My years of air travel began in the era of discount fares, with airlines cutting costs and packing riders together to eke out every dollar, and things have … Read more

The Boeing 737 Max Crisis Reignites Arguments Over Infant Safety on Planes

As terrible as that tradeoff is, it’s worth noting that the risk of death on a commercial airliner to anyone, lap-held infants included, remains vanishingly low—so let the pangs of guilt subside if you’ve flown holding your baby on your lap. “Commercial aircraft accidents are still extremely rare, and the logistics of having infants in … Read more

The Real Problem With the Boeing 737 Max

Spirit AeroSystems, the Wichita-based aerospace manufacturer that manufactured the door plug that blew out on the Alaska Airlines flight, declined to comment on the incident. However, in a statement published on its website, Spirit says its “primary focus is the quality and product integrity of the aircraft structures we deliver.” The company’s parts have caused … Read more

Bombardier wins deal to supply U.S. Army with jet for spy plane prototype – National

After losing a major contract to Boeing at home, Canadian aerospace giant Bombardier Inc. has won a new deal to sell the U.S. Army up to three of its Global Express 6500 business jets so they can be transformed into an American spy plane prototype. Bombardier won the U.S. Army deal in mid-December, but it … Read more