Airplane Etiquette: Should You Recline Your Seat?

People are rarely at their best during air travel. Just look at the mounting number of in-flight altercations and other troubling incidents these days. One aspect of flying that really strikes a nerve with many travelers is seat reclining. In November, a video of a screaming match between passengers over one woman’s choice to recline … Read more

How To Calm Anxiety During Turbulence, According To Flight Attendants

It’s an experience all too familiar with air travelers: One minute the flight is going smoothly, and the next thing you know it feels like the plane is bumping and shaking in all directions. Turbulence is a very common part of air travel, but that doesn’t make it less unpleasant. In fact, research has shown … Read more

Flight Attendants Reveal 9 Things They Never Do As Passengers

A lot of people are frequent flyers these days, but their knowledge of air travel still can’t compare with the level that flight attendants possess. This is especially clear when crew members travel as passengers themselves. “Working as a flight attendant changes your perspective on a lot of things,” Francesco Lentini, a flight attendant with … Read more

The Boeing 737 Max Crisis Reignites Arguments Over Infant Safety on Planes

As terrible as that tradeoff is, it’s worth noting that the risk of death on a commercial airliner to anyone, lap-held infants included, remains vanishingly low—so let the pangs of guilt subside if you’ve flown holding your baby on your lap. “Commercial aircraft accidents are still extremely rare, and the logistics of having infants in … Read more