Here’s What Airplane Passengers Experienced During The Worst Turbulence-Related Accident In Decades

Earlier this week, a Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore was thrust into chaos and forced to make an emergency landing in Bangkok following severe turbulence that left a 73-year-old British man dead and injured over 104 other passengers. In just a couple of minutes, the Boeing 777-300ER dropped nearly 6,000 feet. ‘Plane’ Is … Read more

American Airlines Blamed 9-Year-Old For Being Recorded In Airplane Bathroom

Photo: Angus Mordant/Bloomberg American Airlines is under fire for blaming a 9-year-old girl for using the airplane bathroom when she was allegedly recorded by a former flight attendant in January 2023. The airline initially argued in court on Monday that “she knew or should have known [the lavatory] contained a visible and illuminated recording device,” … Read more

Unruly Passenger Must Pay $20,000 Fine, Gets Lifetime Ban From United Flights

Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images) A federal judge ruled last week that a British airline passenger must pay $20,638 for interfering with the flight crew on a United Airlines flight between London and Newark, New Jersey on March 1. According to the Department of Justice’s account, the unruly passenger got into an argument so heated … Read more

Texas Man Somehow Gets On Airplane Without Ticket

A Delta passenger from Texas somehow managed to use a child’s boarding pass to get on a flight from Salt Lake City, Utah to Austin, Texas; flight attendants caught onto his little scheme after he hid in multiple bathrooms shortly before takeoff. Salt Lake City police arrested Wicliff Fleurizard on March 17 after he was removed … Read more

Here’s What Those Little Triangles In Airplane Cabins Are For

Airplanes have been in the news a lot lately. Whether they’re falling apart in the sky or having their routes drastically cut because of money, it’s almost always bleak. So, why don’t we take a look at a more innocent airplane story? Namely, what’s the deal with those little triangles you see above some of … Read more

Both Pilots Fall Asleep During Flight, Co-Pilot Blames Tiredness On His Newborn Twins

Photo: Gyrostat / Wikimedia Commons Two pilots for an Indonesian airline made a strong case for paid paternity leave after falling asleep in the cockpit for almost half an hour. The first officer allowed the captain to take a nap and then dosed off himself, later attributing his sleepiness to helping take care of his … Read more

Flight Attendants Reveal 9 Things They Never Do As Passengers

A lot of people are frequent flyers these days, but their knowledge of air travel still can’t compare with the level that flight attendants possess. This is especially clear when crew members travel as passengers themselves. “Working as a flight attendant changes your perspective on a lot of things,” Francesco Lentini, a flight attendant with … Read more

American Airlines Flight Attendant Arrested For Allegedly Filming Minor Girls In Plane Restrooms

Cops also found more than 50 photos of a 9-year-old in Thompson’s phone. An American Airlines flight attendant accused of recording multiple young girls in airplane bathrooms was arrested on Thursday by federal agents in Virginia. According to the New York Post, 36-year-old Estes Carter Thompson III was caught red-handed in September last year by … Read more

Man Trapped In Airplane Bathroom Nearly Entire Flight Receives Napkin-Scrawled Apology From Cabin Crew

Image: @ShivAroor (X), Rafiq Maqbool (AP) A passenger on a commercial flight got stuck in the lavatory of a Boeing 737. SpiceJet, a low-cost Indian carrier, was operating an hour and 45-minute trip from Mumbai to Bengaluru earlier this week when the unidentified male passenger got up from his seat after takeoff to use the … Read more