Here’s What Airplane Passengers Experienced During The Worst Turbulence-Related Accident In Decades

Earlier this week, a Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore was thrust into chaos and forced to make an emergency landing in Bangkok following severe turbulence that left a 73-year-old British man dead and injured over 104 other passengers. In just a couple of minutes, the Boeing 777-300ER dropped nearly 6,000 feet. ‘Plane’ Is … Read more

Exit Row Passenger Argues With Flight Crew, Gets Herself Arrested

Congratulations! You got a seat in an exit row for your flight. All that sweet, sweet extra legroom is yours, and now the only thing that stands between you and actually being able to stretch your legs out is to simply say, “Yes,” when the flight attendant comes by to make sure you’re willing and … Read more

Passengers Watch In Horror As Plane Wing Disintegrates Around Them

When you’re on a long flight, there’s nothing better than gazing aimlessly out the window at the clouds rushing by. When you’re gazing out the window, I image this serenity is somewhat shattered if you see chunks of the very plane you’re sitting on breaking off, as passengers on one Boston-bound flight witnessed this week. … Read more