Eight in 10 Brits with regular pain issues are struggling with everyday life, study finds

Eight in 10 Brits with regular pain issues are struggling with day-to-day living, according to research. A study of 2,000 adults found that physical ailments mean 40 percent of sufferers can’t remember the last time they had a full night’s sleep. The same percentage can’t comfortably exercise, and three in 10 struggle with household chores … Read more

Nine in 10 women left ’embarrassed’ – after experiencing normal female symptoms in public

Nine in 10 women have felt “embarrassed” after experiencing a female health symptom in public, according to research. A study, of more than 4,000 women, found 89 percent have been left feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious by the likes of hot flushes, heightened emotions, excessive sweating, severe period pain, or leaks, while around others. These “Public … Read more

‘I’ve got MS – cycling 10,000 miles has helped beat my pain’

Her exhausted muscles ached as Lis van Lynden pedalled across the Peace Bridge in Londonderry at the end of a remarkable journey. The 51-year-old had spent seven months of 2022 cycling the length and breadth of Great Britain, allowing herself just a short break before riding the coast of Ireland last year. Her feat is … Read more