‘I’m a GP – here are 4 red flag signs of a little-known STI on the rise in the UK’

A GP has warned of telltale signs of a little-known sexually transmitted infection (STI) that is on the rise in the UK. Diagnoses of shigella have rocketed by 24 percent in just four years, according to an expert. Doctor Bhavini Shah told Express.co.uk this increase is “very worrying” and urged people to be on the lookout for … Read more

Nine in 10 women left ’embarrassed’ – after experiencing normal female symptoms in public

Nine in 10 women have felt “embarrassed” after experiencing a female health symptom in public, according to research. A study, of more than 4,000 women, found 89 percent have been left feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious by the likes of hot flushes, heightened emotions, excessive sweating, severe period pain, or leaks, while around others. These “Public … Read more