Do You Check Your Luggage Or Are You Normal?

Image: Kayak A fully-loaded Boeing 737-800 has room for 189 seats, and with U.S. airports having a track record of losing around 0.75 percent of all checked bags, it’s all but guaranteed that one person on this theoretical plane is going to get to their destination without a change of clothes or their swim trunks … Read more

Country Known For Incredible Reliability Proves It’s Possible To Run An Airport Without Losing Luggage

Image: Kansai Airport Group Japan’s Kansai airport, located on a slowly sinking artificial island in Osaka bay, opened in September of 1994, and despite handling millions of bags per year, has never lost a single piece of luggage. According to reports from Forbes, the airport prides itself in its ability to get every piece of … Read more

There’s A Secret Compartment In Every Porsche Carrera GT Perfect For All Of Your Smuggling Needs

Supercars come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from large front-engine GTs to low-slung mid-engine track specials, and they can be powered by everything from high-output turbocharged four-cylinders to monstrous W16s. But there’s one thing that nearly every supercar is aligned on: a major lack of storage space. With tiny cabins and trunks (or … Read more