Here’s What We Know So Far

A trio of commercial space ventures has been tasked with designing a lunar terrain vehicle for the upcoming Artemis missions to the Moon, helping astronauts explore the south polar region as part of humanity’s return to the dusty satellite. 2025 Infiniti QX80 First Look : A Luxurious Evolution NASA selected Intuitive Machines, Lunar Outpost, and … Read more

With U.S. spacecraft ‘tipped over’ on moon, mission to be cut short Tuesday – National

A private U.S. lunar lander is expected to stop working Tuesday, its mission cut short after landing sideways near the south pole of the moon. Intuitive Machines, the Houston company that built and flew the spacecraft, said Monday it will continue to collect data until sunlight no longer shines on the solar panels. Based on … Read more

Five things to know about the Odysseus moon landing 

A robotic lunar lander developed by Houston-based Intuitive Machines became the first private spacecraft to land on the moon Thursday. The Odysseus lunar lander’s victory was the first U.S. landing on the moon in over 50 years, and faced some difficulties in its trip to the lunar surface, with Intuitive Machines CEO Stephen Altemus calling … Read more