Walmart hometown Bentonville Arkansas gets more expensive

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — When Gil Curren’s family moved into a run-down farmhouse in Walmart’s hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas, in 1971, the now-retail giant wasn’t yet a decade old. Sometimes, the nearby creek would flood, and cows would break loose onto the dirt road in front of his home. Now, when the 88-year-old retiree looks outside … Read more

What we know about the consumer so far

A customer walks through The Home Depot store on February 20, 2024 in Austin, Texas.  Brandon Bell | Getty Images The state of the consumer in 2024 is already taking shape — even before the country’s major retailers begin to report first-quarter earnings, starting with Home Depot and Walmart next week. There are signs that … Read more

Weight loss drug patients spend less on restaurants, takeout: survey

A food delivery messenger carries a take out bag outside aSweetgreen in Manhattan on September 14, 2023. Jeenah Moon | The Washington Post | Getty Images A highly popular group of weight loss and diabetes drugs is decreasing some consumers’ appetites — and also how much they spend on food. Most people taking those medications, … Read more

Inflation vs. deflation: Retailers fear falling prices

A man with a paper bag of groceries looks surprised and upset at a receipt from a supermarket with high prices against the background of an escalator with customers in the shopping center.  Elena Perova | Istock | Getty Images Just ahead of the holiday season, Walmart had encouraging news for inflation-weary shoppers: Prices on … Read more