Retired Boeing 737 Max Manager Walked Off Of A Flight After Refusing To Fly On The Plane

Photo: Mustafa Yalcin/Anadolu Agency (Getty Images) The Boeing 737 Max door plug blowout on Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 has put the aircraft manufacturer and its newest plane under intense scrutiny. The incident has also brought several figures from 2019, after the pair of Max crashes that killed 346 people, back into the public eye. Driving … Read more

‘I Would Tell My Family To Avoid The Max. I Would Tell Everyone, Really…’ Experts And Ex-Boeing Employees Issue Warning On Max

Airlines are resuming flights with the troubled Boeing Max 9 planes which were all grounded following the door panel blow-out incident on Jan. 5, but aviation experts say that these planes still have significant and potentially dangerous quality-control issues. I Need A Manual Car Thats Fun And Powerful | WCSYB? Boeing Max 8 jets first … Read more