Chemtrail Bans Introduced In 7 States Now That Republicans Have Solved All The Real Problems

Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano made headlines recently when he floated legislation that would ban chemtrails, which aren’t real and only exist in the minds of unhinged conspiracy theorists. His bill wasn’t entirely original, though, as it was modeled after a similar bill that recently passed the state senate in Tennessee. As Substack’s Radical Reports … Read more

The First TRX Was A Dodge Dakota Pickup Truck

The Ram TRX was a ridiculous vehicle. Who actually needs a 702-horsepower, 6,000+ pound performance off-road pickup that gets just under 11 mpg? No one, of course, but we loved it all the same for its ridiculous and ostentatious power. You might think the TRX name was invented just for just that vehicle — but … Read more