The O.J. Simpson case forced domestic violence into the spotlight, boosting a movement

PHILADELPHIA — Thirty years ago, as women’s rights advocates worked to pass the 1994 Violence Against Women Act, domestic violence was still something of a hushed topic. Then Nicole Brown Simpson’s death forced it into the spotlight. Americans riveted by the murder investigation of superstar ex-husband O.J. Simpson, who died Wednesday at 76, heard startling … Read more

Book Review: Jen Silverman’s gripping second novel explores the long afterlife of political violence

Earlier this year a former member of the far-left Baader-Meinhof gang who spent decades in hiding was arrested by German police in connection with a string of crimes. It was just another example of the long afterlife of the anti-war movement of the late 1960s, which Jen Silverman explores in a brilliant, beautifully written new … Read more

Film sex and nude scenes now more likely to receive 15 certificate after concern | Films | Entertainment

Understandably parents want to know how much sex and nudity is in a movie before showing it to their children. Previously some scenes were deemed acceptable for 12 or 12A rating movies, but now they’re more likely to be rated 15 under updated guidelines. This comes after the BBFC surveyed 12000 people to discover changing … Read more

Movie Review: A remake of ‘Road House’ with Jake Gyllenhaal turns into a muscular, Florida romp

Elwood P. Dalton is a classy sort of bouncer. While five tough guys circle him outside a bar looking to bash his skull in, he has a question for them: “Before we start, do you have insurance?” And after savagely beating each up, he kindly drives them to the hospital. Dalton — played by a … Read more

Hunger soars and aid dwindles as gangs in Haiti suffocate the country

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — A crowd of about 100 people tried to shove through a metal gate in Haiti’s capital as a guard with a baton pushed them back, threatening to hit them. Undeterred, children and adults alike, some of them carrying babies, kept elbowing each other trying to enter. “Let us in! We’re hungry!” they … Read more

Maine mass shooter had a brain injury. Experts say that doesn’t explain his violence.

BOSTON — Brain injury experts are cautioning against drawing conclusions from newly released and limited information about evidence of a brain injury in an Army reservist who killed 18 people last year in Maine’s deadliest mass shooting. Boston University researchers who analyzed a sample of Robert Card’s brain tissue said Wednesday they found evidence of … Read more

The Blissful Experience Of Driving Is What Makes Auto Enthusiasm So Special

When I tell people that I love cars, the first question they ask is about my favorite car, or perhaps what model got me so interested in the automotive sphere in the first place. But now, I’m beginning to realize that I might love the experience of driving more than I’ve ever loved any specific … Read more

Things to know about the shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl celebration

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The shooting after the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl celebration that killed one woman and injured more than 20 people appears to have stemmed from a dispute, police said Thursday. Shots rang out at the end of the celebration outside the city’s historic Union Station. Fans had lined the parade route … Read more

The effect of police violence on Black Americans’ health documented in 2 new studies

The effect of police violence on Black Americans is tracked in two new studies, with one tying police-involved deaths to sleep disturbances and the other finding a racial gap in injuries involving police use of Tasers. The health effects of police violence on Black people “need to be documented as a critical first step to … Read more