15 Best Sex Toys for Travel of 2024 to Ensure a Truly Memorable Vacation

Editor’s tip: The petite size also makes this a great vibrator for people who want to try a rabbit-style vibrator but have been wary of other ones on the market, which generally have larger shafts. Type: rabbit vibrator | Material: silicone | Modes: 7 | Waterproof: yes | Battery: 40 to 80-minute runtime depending on … Read more

15 Best Palm Vibrators of 2024 for All-Over Pleasure

You’ve probably heard of wand vibrators and G-spot vibrators, but fewer people are familiar with palm vibrators. As their names suggest, these compact vibrators are meant to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and are usually flexible, soft, and rounded at the edges. This type of vibrator can be more ergonomic for people … Read more

Sexist Myths Are a Danger to Health

In 2013, the US Food and Drug Administration made an unprecedented recommendation, advising that women should receive a lower dosage of the insomnia drug zolpidem than men. The rationale behind it was that medication seemed to affect women for longer periods, which could become a safety issue. However, in 2019, research conducted at Tufts University … Read more

Does ‘Summer Penis’ Exist? The Truth About Men Looking Bigger In The Heat

As the temperature rises, some men swear the heat has a flattering effect on their peens, adding inches in length and girth down below. Last July, Mel Magazine reporter Tracy Moore gave a name to this peculiar seasonal phenomenon: summer penis. “Summer penis is a temporary dick fluctuation that, thanks to the heat and warmth, … Read more

My Parents’ Obsession With Purity Nearly Ruined Us. Years Later, I Found Their Secret In A Box Of Their Things.

My first sexual intercourse, just before I started college, was unplanned. It would have been largely forgettable if we’d used birth control. Looking back, it’s hard to admit to my own foolishness. I’d had the same boyfriend for 18 months. While our Catholic upbringings were a factor in this long period of chastity, my unpreparedness … Read more

A survey of Spotify playlists reveals massive data on the connection between music and sex

(NewsNation) — Nicki Minaj’s love life may be in flux, but there’s new evidence her music has the power to bring people together — intimately. Minaj’s “Super Freaky Girl” is the most popular song on sex and lovemaking-related playlists, according to new research by ZipHealth Blog. The website analyzed more than 11,000 songs on 148 Spotify … Read more

I Went Undercover as a Secret OnlyFans Chatter. It Wasn’t Pretty

I liked the idea that my foremost duty as an OnlyFans chatter should be to comfort the afflicted rather than wheedle the sexually frustrated into buying pricey “nudes and lewds” content. But I balked when the founder suggested that I start as his intern, an arrangement I suspected would lead to weeks of unpaid labor. … Read more

7 Best Clitoral Suction Toys (2024): Suction Vibrators, Air Pulse Toys, and More

Designed to simulate the sucking or tapping sensation of oral sex, clitoral suction toys are a relatively recent addition to the pantheon of sex toy superstars. Suction toys are a bit of an outlier in the industry—vibrators and dildos have a long and occasionally misogynist history as medical instruments used to induce orgasm as treatment … Read more