FTC, HHS examining cause of generic drug shortages

A variety of generic pills and capsules.  Nenov | Moment | Getty Images The Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday said it is examining the role that drug wholesalers and companies that purchase medicines for U.S. health-care providers play in shortages of generic drugs, which account for the majority of Americans’ prescriptions. The move follows an … Read more

Fed-induced rally is unsustainable, especially for 5 sectors

It’s not being talked about enough. This market move off the November lows and the Fed pivot — signaling an end to the central bank’s rate-hiking cycle — is one of the most astonishing and satisfying I have seen in 43 years of investing. In nine weeks, we blew through price targets on so many … Read more

How one asset management firm adopted a new framework for ESG

ESG investing, which stresses environmental, social and corporate governance yardsticks when building a portfolio, has long struggled with a lack of transparency and differing metrics across companies — making it difficult for investors to gauge the impact of their investments. Now, San Francisco-based asset manager Newday Impact Investing believes that using what it calls an … Read more