Here’s why cooler consumer inflation flipped the stock market

We finally got the consumer price index we were looking for, with both the June headline and core readings coming in slightly lower than expectations. The CPI bolstered the case for the Federal Reserve to start cutting interest rates. It also gave investors the green light to rotate out of this year’s tech winners and … Read more

Stop worrying and learn to love the triumph of Big Tech

If you still doubt the power that the biggest stocks have over this market, Friday’s performance should dispel it: Meta Platforms added $29.95, or 5.8%, bumping its gain this year to more than 52.8%. Amazon rallied $2.41, or 1.2%, and is now up roughly 31.6% in 2024. Alphabet increased $4.78, or 2.5%, for a year-to-date … Read more

Nvidia and Apple get Investing Club price target hikes on AI potential

We’re raising our price targets on the Investing Club’s only “own it, don’t trade it” stocks — Nvidia and Apple — two mega-cap tech names that have been winners this year with more room to run. Nvidia We’re boosting our Nvidia price target to $150 per share from $120 — representing an increase of more … Read more

Here are our top 3 and bottom 3 stocks during a divergent second quarter

It was another largely great quarter for the stock market — completing a strong first half of the year for the Dow Jones Industrial Average , the S & P 500 and the Nasdaq , all trading around record highs. The Nasdaq was the big winner of the second quarter, adding 8.26% over the past … Read more

Apple, Microsoft valuations get a pass. Nvidia does not but should

We don’t care at which price Apple trades. When it was at $165 per share not that long ago, we thought the Club’s original “own it, don’t trade it” stock was momentarily expensive. Then nothing happened, and we had an ascent based on a momentary belief that the iPhone 16 would have some good artificial … Read more

9 stocks that can benefit from Fed interest rate cuts

The S & P 500 and Nasdaq extended their record rallies this week following cooler-than-expected consumer inflation data Wednesday morning. While Fed rate cuts would likely benefit the overall stock market, several names in the CNBC Investing Club portfolio — from housing plays to autos to biotech — could really get a boost. Connecting the … Read more

Bad market call 25 years ago reminds me to look for what can go right

When your job is to write a commentary about the stock market you start with a blank Word document. It stares at you and says, “Come up with something noticeable that makes sense of the market.” Right at that moment, the inception, you can go either way. You can detect a pattern that points to … Read more

What slumping oil prices mean for our stake in Coterra Energy

U.S. crude prices fell for the fifth straight day Tuesday, but we remain committed to our lone oil-and-gas stock in Coterra Energy . West Texas Intermediate has been moving lower since its early April peak, with Tuesday bringing the U.S. oil benchmark to its lowest settle since Feb. 5, at $73.25 a barrel. Some of … Read more

A juggernaut of the market’s growth hit wall, buy these stocks

We danced around it all week. We called out the many culprits for Salesforce’s weak quarterly results on Wednesday — and subsequent stock plunge — including an elongated sales cycle, a measured economic environment, and the need for more senior executives to check off on products. But one we didn’t call out was the law … Read more

Nvidia investors thinking about taking profits should ask 3 questions

Discipline trumps conviction. Those are perhaps the three most important words for Nvidia shareholders who are sitting on a grand slam. After more than tripling last year and more than doubling again so far in 2024, to say Nvidia and CEO Jensen Huang have been on a roll would be the understatement of the century. … Read more