South Sudan receives its first batch of a new vaccine for malaria from the WHO

JUBA, South Sudan — South Sudan got its first batch of a new malaria vaccine on Friday from the U.N. health agency, an important step in efforts to battle a disease that is the biggest killer of children in this African country. The more than 645,000 doses of the R21 malaria vaccine received will be … Read more

Warning mosquito-borne diseases are heading into Europe

Experts have issued a stark warning over the potential for deadly illnesses to spread across Europe amid a surge in cases. Our warming climate could mean we see more mosquito-borne diseases in areas previously little affected, it has been warned.  The small insects spread illnesses such as malaria and dengue fever, both of which have … Read more

The World’s First Malaria Vaccine Program for Children Starts Now

Malaria expert Brian Greenwood had once resigned himself to the possibility that a successful vaccine for the disease might not become available in his lifetime. Now, at 86 years old, the moment he’s spent four decades working toward has arrived. “It’s been a long journey with many ups and downs,” says Greenwood, still an active … Read more

Cameroon starts world’s first malaria vaccine program for children

Cameroon will be the first country to routinely give children a new malaria vaccine as the shots are rolled out in Africa. The campaign due to start Monday was described by officials as a milestone in the decades-long effort to curb the mosquito-spread disease on the continent, which accounts for 95% of the world’s malaria … Read more