UN agency authorizes second vaccine against dengue amid outbreaks in the Americas

GENEVA — GENEVA (AP) — The World Health Organization on Wednesday authorized a second dengue vaccine, a move that could provide protection for millions worldwide against the mosquito-borne disease that has already sparked numerous outbreaks across the Americas this year. In a statement on Wednesday, the U.N. health agency said it approved the dengue vaccine … Read more

Warning mosquito-borne diseases are heading into Europe

Experts have issued a stark warning over the potential for deadly illnesses to spread across Europe amid a surge in cases. Our warming climate could mean we see more mosquito-borne diseases in areas previously little affected, it has been warned.  The small insects spread illnesses such as malaria and dengue fever, both of which have … Read more

Dengue is sweeping through the Americas early this year

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Dengue is surging across the Americas early this year from Puerto Rico to Brazil, with 3.5 million cases of the tropical disease reported so far, health officials said Thursday. That tally is three times the number of cases reported at this point last year, said Dr. Jarbas Barbosa, director of … Read more

Puerto Rico has declared an epidemic following a spike in dengue cases

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Puerto Rico’s health secretary declared an epidemic on Monday following a spike in dengue cases. The U.S. territory of 3.2 million people has reported at least 549 cases so far this year, compared with a total of 1,293 cases for all of last year. The majority of cases have been … Read more

‘Next pandemic just around the corner’ as expert warns ‘sacrifices’ needed to avoid chaos

A health expert has given a stark warning that a new pandemic could be ‘just around the corner’ and we may need to make ‘sacrifices’ again. Dr Nathalie MacDermott, a lecturer in infectious diseases at King’s College London, shared her fears of an impending new pandemic that could plunge the world into a new lockdown. … Read more

In Rio, rife with dengue, bacteria-infected mosquitoes are making a difference

NITEROI — Since Rio de Janeiro declared a public health emergency after an outbreak of dengue fever last month, the city has ramped up testing capacities, opened up a dozen dengue health centers and trained medical staff to attend to the ever-growing needs of its population. But in Rio’s sister city of Niteroi, just across … Read more

Dengue cases in Peru are surging, fueled by mosquitoes and high temperatures brought by El Niño

PIURA, Peru — Residents of Pedregal Grande, a poor neighborhood in the Peruvian city of Piura, receive water for only 30 minutes a day because of shortages, forcing them to collect it in plastic tanks that have become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Scorching temperatures and a lack of air conditioning force people out of their … Read more

Brazil’s health agents scour junkyards and roofs for mosquitos to fight dengue epidemic

RIO DE JANEIRO — The small team of state public health workers slalomed between auto parts strewn across a Rio de Janeiro junkyard, looking for standing water where mosquitoes might have laid their eggs. They were part of nationwide efforts to curtail a surge in Brazil of the mosquito-borne illness of dengue fever during the … Read more

Planning a winter escape? Experts caution rise of dengue fever in warm climates – National

With a staggering global surge in dengue fever cases over the past years, health experts are warning Canadian travellers about the risks when journeying to warmer climates, including popular destinations in the southern United States. Over the last 20 years, there has been a tenfold surge in dengue fever cases globally, according to the World … Read more

UN health agency cites tenfold increase in reported cases of dengue

GENEVA — The U.N. health agency said Friday that reported cases of dengue globally increased tenfold over the last generation, with climate change and the growing spread of virus-carrying mosquitoes partly to blame for transmission that remains mostly prevalent in the Americas. The World Health Organization said reported cases soared to a record 5.2 million … Read more