Israel committed ‘crime against humanity’ in Gaza, United Nations finds

Both Israel and Hamas committed war crimes in the early stages of the Gaza war, a United Nations inquiry has found, saying that Israel’s actions also constituted crimes against humanity because of the immense civilian losses. The findings were from two parallel reports, one focusing on the October 7 Hamas attacks and another on Israel’s … Read more

Peter Costello stands down as Nine chair days after airport altercation with The Australian journalist

Embattled Nine Entertainment chairman Peter Costello has resigned suddenly, two days after being involved in an altercation with a journalist. The ASX-listed media group said on Sunday he had been succeeded by his deputy Catherine West. His resignation came after a long meeting of the Nine Entertainment (NEC) board on Friday night. Know the news … Read more

News Corp Australia boss Michael Miller lashes social media giants over ‘collective damage’ inflicted on society

The news landscape has become the “canary in the coalmine” as social media giants stretch the limits of regulation, prompting a media executive to call for a new legal regime. Social media platforms including Facebook and X, formerly Twitter, once filled their feeds with news content to attract sign-ups and engagement. But now their user … Read more

Centrelink payments including Age Pension, Disability Support Pension and Carer Payment to increase under indexation from July 1

More than 2 million Australians will get a boost to their government payments, as indexation takes effect from July 1. Families and pensioners are set to the beneficiaries of the boost. About 1.3 million people on family payments — including the Family Tax Benefit, Newborn Supplement and Multiple Birth Allowance — will see increases in … Read more

HECS indexation to apply from Saturday, meaning hike to anyone with an outstanding debt

Millions of Australian students with an outstanding HECS debt will see an increase in the amount of money they owe when the second-biggest indexation to their student debt is applied on Saturday. Anyone who has an unpaid loan on June 1, will see their debt increase by 4.7 per cent. According to the Federal Government, … Read more

Australia and international community condemn Israeli air strike on Rafah zone for displaced people

WARNING: Graphic content Australia has decried Israel’s attack on Gaza’s last refuge as “horrific” and “unacceptable”. Israel has launched a bombing campaign on Rafah in the territory’s south after directing more than one million Palestinians to travel to the area. Know the news with the 7NEWS app: Download today On Monday, one of its airstrikes … Read more

Younger people bearing the brunt of cost-of-living pressure, CommBank cost-of-living report finds

The weight of cost-of-living pressures has been enough to prompt young people to move back in with their parents or in to share houses to save on bills and food. Those in their mid-to-late 20s continue to bear the brunt of high rents and other elevated living expenses, and are pruning their spending far more … Read more

Australian Taxation Office set to jack up penalty to $330 for Australians lodging tax returns late

The penalty for lodging a tax return after the deadline in Australia is set to increase, if proposed legislation passes before the end of the financial year on July 1. The 5.4 per cent increase will bring the existing $313 penalty up to $330, and the penalty will continue to go up every three years … Read more

Uproar after Governor-General David Hurley’s wife Linda demands soldiers at Adelaide RAAF base sing

The RSL has asked Governor-General David Hurley’s wife Linda to respect the professionalism of soldiers after she demanded defence force personnel in Adelaide sing her one of her favourite songs three times. Soldiers said they were asked by Linda Hurley to sing You Are My Sunshine by Christina Perri at an event at RAAF Base … Read more

Major change as Centrelink to relax mutual obligation strains for Jobseekers

A number of changes have been made to the mutual obligation rules to improve Centrelink’s JobSeeker payment, according to the federal budget. The relaxation of the rules is likely to result in fewer people being cut off from the payment. Among the changes, comes an expansion to the grace period before a Jobseeker recipient gets … Read more