Jeremy Allen White Spills On How He ‘Really Embarrassed’ Himself Training With Chefs

Jeremy Allen White has revealed that a group of chefs “crushed” him as he physically trained with them in Copenhagen while working on the upcoming season three of “The Bear.” “I really embarrassed myself in front of these really incredible chefs and maniac masochists,” said the actor, who appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen … Read more

Assault on Danish PM Mette Frederiksen: Suspect to face judge for questioning

Mette FrederiksenCopenhagen: Danish police said on Saturday a 39-year-old man would appear in front of a judge for preliminary questioning in relation to an assault on the country’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen in central Copenhagen late on Friday. Frederiksen, leader of Denmark’s Social Democratic Party and prime minister since 2019, was shocked after being beaten … Read more

3 phrases we use every day

As the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute, my work is dedicated to measuring and understanding what improves people’s wellbeing and overall quality of life. We’re based in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, one of the countries that is consistently ranked the happiest in the world. Danes are often surprised by this fact. As someone … Read more

Copenhagen fire: Inferno hits historic stock exchange, toppling iconic spire – National

As flames engulfed Denmark‘s historic old stock exchange building in Copenhagen on Tuesday morning, gawking citizens witnessed the inferno grow large enough to topple the building’s iconic spire. Other Danes launched into action alongside emergency responders to try and save the many historic artworks housed inside the 17th century stock exchange (called Børsen), one of … Read more

Meet Akua Objects, the Copenhagen Homewares Brand Taking a Fashionable Approach to Glassware

Glass, forged by fire, is increasingly becoming a hot topic in fashion—think Coperni’s latest Swipe bags and Pat McGrath’s “glass skin” on the couture runways. Now, in Copenhagen, Annika Zobel Agerled and Josefine Frank Arthur are bringing a fashion-forward perspective to glass through their brand Akua Objects. Founded in 2022, Akua Objects made its public … Read more

Instead of Showing at Copenhagen Fashion Week, Ganni Is Supporting 7 Emerging Talents. Meet Them Here

What is the mission of your brand/ practice?My mission in my artistic practice is deeply intertwined with my life, they go hand in hand. It’s a lifelong commitment to understanding the world around me and within me. Social injustices weigh heavily on my conscience, given the limited opportunities for people with my background…. I feel … Read more

This 30-year-old American teacher moved to Denmark—now she spends $2,100 a month and is ‘much happier’

In June 2018, I packed three suitcases and booked a one-way flight from Texas to join my husband in Denmark. We met in 2016 and had been dating long-distance for much of our relationship. We were excited to get married and build a home and life together. We found a wonderful apartment online in a … Read more