Starliner astronauts’ return home delayed once again, still docked at ISS – National

Problems with Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft, still docked at the International Space Station (ISS), have delayed the capsule’s return to Earth yet again. NASA and Boeing announced, now for the fourth time, that the Starliner’s departure date would be delayed until next week at the earliest, as engineers work to resolve a long list of issues … Read more

Dave Grohl seems to take jab at Taylor Swift: ‘We actually play live’ – National

Taylor Swift fans are coming for Dave Grohl, after the Foo Fighters frontman seemingly took a swipe at the popstar over the weekend. Grohl’s comment came Saturday night as he performed at London Stadium in the U.K., on the same night Swift was onstage nearby for her Eras Tour at Wembley Stadium. Multiple videos shared … Read more

Woman mauled by wolves while jogging in French safari park – National

A woman in France has been hospitalized after she sustained serious injuries during an attack by three wolves while jogging in a safari park outside Paris on Sunday. The unnamed 37-year-old woman was mauled by three arctic wolves and was bitten “on the neck, the calf and the back” while travelling through the Thoiry Safari … Read more

‘I can’t move’: Ontario woman opens up about stiff person syndrome fight

An “episode at work” is how Robyn Cook describes the sudden and life-changing full-body spasm that sent her to the emergency room, five years before a mysterious set of symptoms would be diagnosed as stiff person syndrome. “I couldn’t open my mouth because my jaw was spasming,” she said of the frightening experience in 2012 that prevented … Read more

Woman finds priceless 2,000-year-old Mayan vase in Maryland thrift store – National

Most dedicated thrifters usually find junk on the clearance rack, but one Washington, D.C., woman discovered a link to ancient history when she purchased a 2,000-year-old Mayan vase. The priceless artifact bought by Anna Lee Dozier in a Clinton, Maryland, thrift store came at a bargain, costing only US$3.99 (C$5.50). Officials said the vase is … Read more

Calling all birders! Amateurs asked to help spot 126 ‘lost’ bird species – National

Paging all bird enthusiasts: Researchers need your help solving a long list of mysteries — namely, what has happened to 126 species of birds and, most importantly, if they even exist anymore. The Search for Lost Birds, a collaboration between Re:wild, the American Bird Conservancy and BirdLife International, is a newly updated dataset of bird … Read more

Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose divorce heats up, with accusations flying – National

Singer Firerose has accused her estranged husband Billy Ray Cyrus of “extreme verbal, emotional and psychological abuse.” Cyrus, who filed to divorce Firerose (real name Johanna Rose Hodges) on May 22, separately accused her of attempting to “isolate” him from at least one of his daughters. Firerose, 36, filed her counter-complaint against Cyrus, 62, on June … Read more

McMishaps: McDonald’s nixes AI drive-thrus after multiple viral mix-ups – National

McDonald’s will be eliminating its artificial intelligence (AI) drive-thru technology from over 100 restaurants in the U.S. after the systems repeatedly annoyed guests by fumbling orders and mistaking instructions. The AI, called the “Automated Order Taker,” was implemented in partnership with IBM in 2021. Now, in a memo sent to franchisees this month, the fast-food … Read more

‘Flesh-eating bacteria’ disease spreads in Japan, killing some in 2 days – National

A deadly outbreak of a “flesh-eating bacteria” is spreading rapidly across Japan, alarming health officials with how quickly it can lead to death. Close to 1,000 cases of Streptococcal toxic shock syndrome (STSS) have been reported in the Asian country this year, and doctors warn symptoms can be fatal within 48 hours. As of June … Read more

U.K. royals unite with Kate back at her first public event since cancer diagnosis – National

LONDON (AP) — Britain put on a display of birthday pageantry Saturday for King Charles III, a military parade that marked the Princess of Wales ’ first appearance at a public event since her cancer diagnosis early this year. The annual event was also a show of stability by the monarchy after a testing few months in which both the king and Kate, … Read more