Taylor Swift’s dad accused of punching photographer in the face – National

Taylor Swift‘s father is in hot water for allegedly punching a photographer in the jaw on the Sydney waterfront in the early hours of Tuesday. Photographer Ben McDonald told the Associated Press (AP) and AFP that he reported Scott Swift, 71, to police immediately after the encounter, though his injuries were minor. “It was just … Read more

Wendy Williams documentary called ‘exploitative’ by star’s publicist, fans – National

A new documentary focusing on and starring Wendy Williams has been the subject of intense criticism from fans — and even members of the star’s own PR team — who branded the project exploitative and uncomfortable. The two-part docuseries, Where Is Wendy Williams, aired Saturday and Sunday on Lifetime. Two days ahead of the release, Williams, … Read more

Oprah Winfrey exits WeightWatchers board, shares plummet more than 25% – National

Oprah Winfrey announced Wednesday that she will leave her role on the WeightWatchers board of directors, only two months after the talk show host publicly revealed she was taking a weight-loss medication. Winfrey, who has for the last nine years been widely considered the face of WeightWatchers, joined the company’s board of directors in 2015. … Read more

Haunting ‘knocking’ sound from Titan sub heard for 1st time in new documentary – National

When the Titan submersible disappeared in June 2023, rescuers held out hope of finding survivors after they heard strange, rhythmic knocking noises believed to be coming from the OceanGate vessel. Though there were no survivors, the eerie knocking sounds are now being featured in an upcoming documentary about the submersible’s implosion, called Minute by Minute: … Read more

Humpback whale sex captured for 1st time — and it was between 2 males – National

NOTE: The following article contains graphic descriptions. Please read at your own discretion. Sometimes studying nature gets voyeuristic — but whale watchers off the coast of Hawaii got more than they bargained for when they observed two male humpback whales getting freaky in the wild. The encounter made waves in the scientific marine community, as … Read more

Eat ‘cereal for dinner’: Kellogg’s CEO’s money-saving tip hits sour note – National

WK Kellogg CEO Gary Pilnick went against the grain when he said financially struggling families should eat cereal for dinner — a suggestion that had many critics insisting Pilnick is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. During an interview with CNBC last week, Pilnick praised the affordability of cereal and pointed to a year-old campaign from Kellogg … Read more

U.S. couple likely dead after yacht hijacked by fugitives in Caribbean – National

Authorities in Grenada on Monday said an American couple who vanished last week after their yacht was allegedly hijacked by fugitives in the Caribbean were likely killed and thrown overboard. During a press conference Monday, the country’s police force said officers are still searching for Kathy Brendle, 71, and Ralph Hendry, 66, though their effort … Read more

Female pro golfer films ‘mansplainer’ correcting her swing at driving range – National

British professional golfer Georgia Ball doesn’t need unsolicited advice from men, but just like the experience of many women, it’s practically par for the course. This week, Ball uploaded a 90-second clip to social media that shows the golfer being interrupted by a man at a driving range who had some corrective feedback about her … Read more

Stanley cups: Customers sue over presence of lead in popular tumblers – National

The popular Stanley cups are seemingly everywhere, but that doesn’t mean every customer is thrilled with the product. Two Stanley tumbler owners have filed a lawsuit in California alleging the cup-maker’s parent company, Pacific Market International, was negligent in disclosing the presence of lead in the viral product. According to Bloomberg, the proposed class action … Read more

In plane view: Tickets to watch total solar eclipse at 30,000 feet sell out – National

Space enthusiasts were quick to snap up tickets for an upcoming special flight offered by Delta Air Lines that is designed to give passengers “as much time as possible directly within the path of totality” during the total solar eclipse on April 8. This is be the last total solar eclipse viewable from Canada and … Read more