A juggernaut of the market’s growth hit wall, buy these stocks

We danced around it all week. We called out the many culprits for Salesforce’s weak quarterly results on Wednesday — and subsequent stock plunge — including an elongated sales cycle, a measured economic environment, and the need for more senior executives to check off on products. But one we didn’t call out was the law … Read more

Amazon and Dell are benefiting the most from Nvidia partnership

Recently, I read a terrific little book about Abraham Lincoln, called “Lincoln Reconsidered,” by Professor David Herbert Donald, and the fundamental premise behind the title was simple: If you want to go down in history as a politician who is compassionate, honest and a visionary, you have to get right with Lincoln. That’s how sainted … Read more

The market is in a sweet spot between Fed rate hikes and cuts, and a lot can happen

Every weekday, the CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer releases the Homestretch — an actionable afternoon update, just in time for the last hour of trading on Wall Street. We’re no longer recording the audio, so we can get this new written feature to members as quickly as possible. Here’s Monday’s edition. If history is … Read more

Earnings from Shopify, Marriott and Wendy’s

CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Friday prepared investors for next week on Wall Street, saying investors should pay attention as earnings season continues, with reports from companies including Shopify, Marriott and Wendy’s. He also recommended researching retail stocks next week before the industry reports a slew of earnings results the week after. “Next week seems busy, … Read more