Naga Group Announces The New Managing Director of NAGA Pay & NAGAX


Naga is a fintech company that allows traders to transact and invest in 950+ assets via its trading platform. The platform offers products ranging from stocks, cryptocurrencies, bonds, and commodities such as oil. It is an educative feed that enables traders to access exclusive information to allow them to invest, trade, and earn returns daily.

Naga is a neo-broker committed to giving investors an opportunity to invest and trade in more than 1000 markets. You can trade in cryptocurrency, forex, and commodity markets. You can also choose to trade in stocks, government bonds, and NFTs.  Also, the platform features apps that serve a million plus accounts in more than 100 countries.

As a fintech company, Naga is committed to investing more resources in research and activities that can help it become a top trading platform. Its objective as stated at naga group is to seamlessly help traders invest, trade, and make and receive payments via its app.

Thus, Naga purposes to allow users real-time digital onboarding and create a unique experience for all its customers.

The New Managing Director Of Naga Pay And Naga X

In the meantime, Naga has appointed Stelios Eleftherios as a managing director at Naga PAY And NAGA X. Stelios is tasked with streamlining activities at its payment and crypto business arm. Stelios Eleftherios has had a remarkable gaming career, so he is better placed to handle payment issues. For this reason, he has been tasked with leading two cryptocurrency platforms NAGA Pay, and NAGAX. Naga X is the group’s social crypto investment platform, while NAGA pay is the group’s payment arm. His responsibilities include improving the payment experience, scaling up the platform’s services and contributing to the overall brokerage vision of financial inclusion.

Before joining NAGA, Stelios had an illustrious career at Parimatch Cyprus Company, where he served as a CEO. He has a 17-year of experience in digital and financial services, including working at binary options platforms. Stelios Eleftherious said that he was elated at the opportunity and had started working at NAGA where he was serving as a Managing Director of NAGAX and NAGA Pay.

NAGA Group AG is based in Germany and is listed on Frankfurt Stock Exchange. It is a holding company for various companies licensed to operate in different parts of the world. On his part, Stelios further said that he was excited about this new position and impressed by the company’s trust in him.

Note that NAGAX was launched in March and consists of a built-in-NFT platform, derivatives exchanges, futures, and crypto wallet. The platform provides a Web3 social trading experience that converts user-generated content into NFTs.

Further, the exchange gives customers access to the Naga coin and native Naga coin. It is connected to its parent company’s social investment network and financial community, which brings together over 500,000 traders worldwide. The platform allows traders to share and discuss critical issues including market conditions through its public charts, groups, or in-person discussions.

Also, Naga is committed to expanding its regulatory map. Already, it has received a crypto License for NAGAX from Estonian. The company has also applied for two more licenses for the crypto assets. The two licences are being processed and may be granted before 2022.

Who Is Stelios Eleftheriou, And Why Is He Chosen?

Stelios Eleftheriou has worked with Parimatch Cyprus for many years. Also, he has long ties and experience in the retail trading industry where he served as a CEO at Bullbinary and head of business development at Option Trade brand. Therefore, he is expected to tap and bring this experience to the NAGAS payment arm.


Naga is bullish on its crypto business; therefore, it went for a managing director experienced in the gaming and betting industry to help push its agenda. The company is worried about the crypto market crash and the falling stock prices. Thus, it is looking for new and innovative ideas that can steer its payment wing.

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