Complete Pressure Washer Software

When you run a pressure washing business, you probably know exactly what your customers need. Namely, to cleanse a specific object or place.

But this is not the end of your work, but rather just the beginning. After all, going to the client and cleaning up is the easiest thing compared to what you need to do after that, which is to fill out a bunch of documentation. You can effectively run your pressure washing business with a dedicated pressure washing program.

What is Pressure Washer Software?

A specialized program designed for the needs of the pressure washing business includes many useful functionalities that greatly facilitates the management of such a business.

Let’s take a look at the opportunities and benefits you can gain for your business by implementing dedicated pressure washer software.

The main advantage of such a program is the ability to manage tasks and help in recording, tracking, managing and reporting.

  1. Easy accounting.

With dedicated pressure washer software, paperwork is reduced. With this program, you can easily keep records, check equipment, maintenance and repairs, etc., easily keep track of used resources and inventory.

With a barcode scanner, it’s easy to keep track of equipment by simply scanning labels and adding them to your database to manage costs.

  1. Complete list of your clients.

CRM pressure washing software can help you build a list of potential and existing customers. This technology can be easily linked to your business social media account and will automatically show potential customers. This allows you to customize a list of common answers for your customers to give them quick, automated answers to their questions.

  1. Helpful tools and utilities.

We will not list here a huge list of tools that can be added to your specialized pressure washing software, we will mention only the most useful ones and those that will definitely come in handy in your daily work routine.

  • Automatic invoicing function;
  • GPS tools (including street view);
  • The ability to automatically exchange messaging notifications.
  1. Improved scheduling and dispatching.

With dedicated pressure washing software, scheduling can be managed and orders sent in real time. The function allows you to assign a task to specific employees, assign the desired route, and all updates made are displayed on the mobile devices of your employees.

  1. Efficient financial transactions process.

With dedicated pressure washer software, managing invoices, both future and overdue, is not as difficult as it used to be. Automation of such processes makes your work simple and enjoyable. Automatic billing on completion and the ability to pay on time on site are critical to keeping your account flowing. You can print invoices directly from the program or digitally sign them and send them to work.

  1. Multifunctionality of the mobile application.

With the help of a mobile application, your employees gain greater freedom of action. They can easily find out who, when and where they need to service, and paperwork is minimized, they will no longer return you a wet or dirty bill, or a report!

And besides this, with the mobile application, you can:

  • Scan barcode for equipment and tools;
  • Close orders and make changes to them;
  • Receive payment from the client on the spot;
  • Synchronization with maps and building routes;

Reply to private messages and more!

Get organized with dedicated pressure washer software!

  • Track the profits and expenses of your business;
  • Improve communication with your employees;
  • Remember everything that you have planned with a convenient system of notifications and reminders;
  • Form your employees’ hours and timesheets.
  • Easily build and manage routes for your work teams;
  • Keep track of where your team is using a GPS tracker;
  • Create progress reports and much more

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