Aussie ex-paramedic on the one thing you must do after calling triple-0

It’s a vital step many frantic callers to triple-0 forget — especially during emergency situations.

But a former paramedic says it’s the one crucial thing you should always do when you call for help.

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Nikki Jurcutz, who was a paramedic with Ambulance Victoria for eight years, explained how unlocking the front door of your home could potentially save a life.

“If an emergency happens at home and you need to call triple-0, quickly walk past your front door and unlock it,” Jurcutz said.

“This could save you precious seconds if you’re at home waiting for an ambulance.

“So when the paramedics arrive, they are able to come straight through and you don’t need to stop the first aid you are giving your child to open the door.”

A former paramedic has explained why unlocking the front door of your home after calling triple-0 could potentially save a life.  Credit: Tiny Hearts Education

The founder of Australian children’s safety page called Tiny Hearts Education explained how you could be “wasting precious seconds” opening the door — forcing you to leave your baby mid-way through CPR.

“Don’t forget to unlock your front door for us,” she said.

Her video has been been viewed more than 400,000 times, with many thanking her for sharing the potentially life-saving tip.

“Best advice. We did this when our son was one-week-old. It took around six minutes from the time we called to the time they arrived and they ran straight inside our house,” one mum shared.

Another shared: “My uncle had a stroke and called triple-0. Even though he had no use of one whole side of his body, he commando-crawled to the door to unlock it for the paramedics. I would not have thought of that, he did well.”

One confessed: “Something I never would have thought of or considered.”

Nikki Jurcutz worked as a paramedic with Ambulance Victoria for eight years. Credit: Tiny Hearts Education

A former emergency call taker agreed with Jurcutz’s “great” advice, adding: “I always asked people if the door was unlocked or someone else was home to unlock it.

“Also asked if dogs and they could be put away in a room. You never know how a dog will react when it sees a stranger start to touch its family,” she said.

Meanwhile, one woman pointed out: “Husband is a fireman — they wouldn’t hesitate a second if it meant saving a life, especially a child. They’ll knock that door down faster then you could blink.”

Life-saving phone code

Jurcutz has previously shared the life-saving two-digit code to use if you ever find yourself unable to talk to an emergency call taker over the phone — and there’s no one around to help you.

“You’re choking and you’re alone, what do you do?” she said.

“This exact thing happened to my mum so I’m going to share with you exactly what you need to do if you start choking and you’re alone.”

The mum said the first thing you need to do is dial triple-0.

“Although you will be unable to speak, after a little bit they’ll ask you to press 55 to let them know that you need help,” she explained.

Jurcutz previously shared the life-saving code to use if you ever find yourself unable to speak after making a triple-0 call.  Credit: Tiny Hearts Education

If it is not safe for you to speak on the phone, or you are unable to talk, your call will be transferred to an Interactive Voice Response.

This will ask you to dial 55 and you will be connected to the police.

Police will either try to call you back or may visit the address you are calling from to see if you need help.

If you do not dial 55 when asked, the call will be disconnected. This system prevents accidental calls to triple-0.

Choking first aid

Once you get off the phone, you need to try to clear the obstruction with a forceful cough.

“The next thing you’re going to do is you are going to try to cough that obstruction up,” Nikki explained.

“If you are unable to cough, this is what you need to do and this will save your life.

“Remember you only have a couple of minutes and you must do this immediately.

“Make a fist and place it just above your belly and place the other hand on top.

“Find something that is at a height where you can lean over it, place the hands there and then forcefully push down, over and over until that obstruction is clear.”

If you are alone and choking

If you are alone and you are choking, call triple-0.

Try to get someone to help you if at all possible, and keep calm. Try to clear the obstruction with a forceful cough.

You can do chest thrusts on yourself to try to dislodge the object:

  1. Place a fist on the lower half of your breastbone (in the central part of the chest).
  2. Grasp your fist with the other hand and bend over a hard surface, like a countertop or chair.
  3. Press hard into the chest with a quick upward thrust, as if you’re trying to lift a person up.
  4. After each thrust, check if the blockage has been cleared.

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