MrBeast, world’s most subscribed Youtuber, is giving away $5 million for playing game

In a recent announcement, popular YouTuber MrBeast has declared his intention to give away a staggering $5,000,000. The reason behind this massive giveaway? MrBeast is gearing up to host what he claims will be “the largest game show ever in history.” Encouraging participation, he has invited individuals to register for the game. “I’m giving away … Read more

Nearly 66,000 Indians Got American Citizenship In 2022: Report

According to the report as of 2023, 2,831,330 foreign born American nationals were from India. Washington: As many as 65,960 Indians officially became US citizens, making India the second-largest source country for new citizens in America after Mexico, according to a latest Congressional report. An estimated 46 million foreign-born persons resided in the United States … Read more