Canada ranked 7th in foreign aid spending among richest nations – National

While Canada is one of the top contributors to foreign aid among some of the world’s richest countries, a fifth of the spending never leaves Canada’s borders. Some 19 per cent of Canada’s aid reported to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development last year benefited refugees and Ukrainians within Canada. “Most Canadians would not … Read more

Ukraine has retaken half of territory lost at start of war: NATO – National

Ukraine has retaken half of the territory Russia seized at the beginning of the war – and one day it will be a NATO member, the alliance’s top soldier said. Adm. Rob Bauer, NATO’s most senior military officer, and Gen. Christopher Cavoli, supreme allied commander Europe, said allies are moving quickly to arm Ukraine to … Read more

Thousands flee northeast Ukraine as Russia presses renewed border assault – National

Thousands more civilians have fled Russia’s renewed ground offensive in Ukraine’s northeast that has targeted towns and villages with a barrage of artillery and mortar fire, officials said Sunday. The intense battles have forced at least one Ukrainian unit to withdraw in the Kharkiv region, capitulating more land to Russian forces across less defended settlements … Read more

Russia captures 5 villages in Ukraine’s northeast, forces 1,700 to flee – National

Moscow’s forces have captured five villages as part of a renewed ground assault in Ukraine’s northeast, the Russian Defense Ministry said Saturday. Ukrainian journalists reported Friday that Russian troops took the villages of Borysivka, Ohirtseve, Pylna and Strilecha, all of which lie in a militarily contested “gray zone” on the border of Ukraine’s Kharkiv region … Read more

U.S. can now seize Russian assets and use them for Ukraine. What to know – National

The big U.S. aid package for Ukraine and other allies that President Joe Biden signed Wednesday also allows the administration to seize Russian state assets located in the U.S. and use them for the benefit of Kyiv. That could mean another $5 billion in assistance for Ukraine, coming from Russian Central Bank holdings that have … Read more

Billionaire who wants off Canada’s Russia sanctions list denounces Putin – National

A billionaire trying to get off Canada’s Russia sanctions list denounced Vladimir Putin and the Ukraine war in a private statement to the government, but it didn’t work, Global News has learned. Igor Makarov, an oil and gas magnate whose assets were frozen by Ottawa in 2022 in response to the invasion of Ukraine, condemned … Read more

Speaker Johnson Says He Has No Plans To Make It Harder To Boot Him

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) said Thursday he had no intention to try to tighten the rules for unseating House speakers — even if doing so would’ve helped him fend off a move against him. Earlier in the day, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) said Johnson should “owes the entire conference a meeting” to talk … Read more

Endgame Starts In Ukraine Funding Fight

Six months after it began in earnest, the fight on Capitol Hill over whether to send more help for Ukraine defend itself against an unprovoked invasion by Russia may finally be nearing an end. House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) on Wednesday unveiled a bill to provide $60.8 billion in military and economic assistance to the … Read more

Ukraine parliament passes controversial law to boost army recruitment  – National

Ukraine’s parliament passed a controversial law Thursday that will govern how the country recruits new soldiers to replenish depleted forces who are increasingly struggling to fend off Russian troops. Two years after Russia’s full-scale invasion captured nearly a quarter of the country, the stakes could not be higher for Kyiv. After a string of victories … Read more

Canada’s Ukraine emergency visa program is ending. What now? – National

The Canadian Immigration Lawyer Association is calling for a plan to address a looming backlog in work permit and permanent residency applications as the Ukrainian emergency visa program ends. “We’re going to have about 200,000 Ukrainians in Canada based on this program, probably closer to 250,000. So, what is going to happen when their work … Read more