Paradromics gears up to test its brain implant on humans

Neurotech start-up Paradromics will be trialing its brain implant next year, as the race to be the leader in the nascent brain-computer interface (BCI) space heats up. “The brain is a super fascinating organ. We have about 85 billion neurons and every neuron is a million times slower than a computer chip. And yet, the … Read more

SpaceX unveils ‘Starlink Mini’ satellite internet antenna for $599

Starlink Mini promotional image. SpaceX customer email sent June 19, 2024. SpaceX is rolling out a compact version of its Starlink antennas called “Mini,” which the company is advertising as a mobile option for its satellite internet customers. “Starlink Mini is a compact, portable kit that can easily fit in a backpack, designed to provide … Read more

Boeing and NASA delay Starliner astronaut return to June 22

A satellite image shows an overview of the International Space Station with the Boeing Starliner spacecraft, June 7, 2024.  Maxar Technologies | Via Reuters Boeing‘s Starliner capsule “Calypso” will stay at the International Space Station twice as long as the mission originally planned, NASA announced Friday. This developmental nature of the mission, known as Boeing’s … Read more

Neuroelectrics hopes to treat epilepsy with non-invasive headcap

High up in the hills of Barcelona, brain science start-up Neuroelectrics is developing therapies that it says will improve the lives of people living with brain disease.  The group manufactures around 400 devices, which it ships to 75 different countries worldwide each year. Its main product is a headcap, which monitors the brain’s electrical activity … Read more

Pentagon picks Blue Origin, SpaceX, ULA in $5.6 billion rocket program

A mass simulator version of a New Glenn rocket is moved for testing in November 2021. Blue Origin The Pentagon announced the first winning bidders in its rocket launch contract sweepstakes on Thursday, with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin grabbing a spot for the first time. Blue Origin’s winning bid came as part of contracts awarded … Read more

Boeing Starliner ISS docking after delay

Boeing’s Starliner capsule is seen while approaching the International Space Station on June 6, 2024 with two NASA astronauts on board. NASA TV Boeing’s Starliner capsule made a delayed docking with the International Space Station on Thursday, after NASA called off an initial approach due to a thruster problem. The spacecraft docked with the ISS … Read more

SpaceX Starship rocket launching fourth test spaceflight

SpaceX is set to attempt a fourth test flight of its Starship rocket on Thursday, as the company looks to push development of the mammoth vehicle past new milestones. Elon Musk’s company has a two hour window, from 8 a.m. ET to 10 a.m. ET, in which to launch Starship from its Starbase facility near … Read more

Scientists develop ultra-thin battery that could be charged by tears

Scientist Lee Seok Woo said a scene from a “Mission Impossible” movie inspired his latest invention: batteries for smart contact lenses. In the fourth film of the series, an agent wears contact lenses capable of facial recognition and eye tracking. Lee wanted to make that lens a reality. “I was thinking, ‘How can I work … Read more

Boeing Starliner crew flight to make another launch attempt for NASA

[The live stream above is scheduled to start at 9:45 a.m. ET. If you don’t see a video player at that time, please refresh the page. Boeing aims to launch its first Starliner flight with astronauts on Wednesday, in the latest attempt to fly the long-delayed spacecraft. The launch is scheduled for 10:52 a.m. ET … Read more

Boeing’s Starliner first launch with NASA astronauts

[The livestream started at 8:15 a.m. ET. Please refresh the page if you do not see the video player above.] Boeing aims to launch its first Starliner flight with astronauts on board on Saturday, in a long-delayed final test of the spacecraft. The launch is scheduled for 12:25 p.m. EDT from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Two … Read more