Not all big cars are created equal: Half of cars sold in India really not SUVs

New Delhi: Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) are wildly popular in India, with the segment now accounting for every second car sold. But going by the official definition of an SUV, such vehicles account for only about a 10th of the total sales volume. That’s because just a third of the 47 models with SUV branding … Read more

Maruti Suzuki: ​​Small cars likely to stage a comeback by 2026 amid rising entry-level incomes, says Maruti Suzuki chairman RC Bhargava

Small cars may stage a comeback by 2026 as the income of customers at the entry level rises and scooter and motorcycle owners start upgrading, Maruti Suzuki chairman RC Bhargava told ET in an interview. He dismissed the argument that two-wheeler and first-time car buyers have become aspirational and are leapfrogging to mid-sized cars and … Read more

Domestic car sales in last financial year grew by nearly 9% to a record 4.23 mn units

Car sales in the local market in the last financial year grew by nearly 9% to a record 4.23 million units amid improved supplies and sustained customer demand, cementing India’s position as the third largest market for passenger vehicles in the world. Around 370,000 cars, sedans and utility vehicles were sold last month, compared to … Read more

Maruti Suzuki: Maruti bets big on SUVs amid rising demand

Maruti Suzuki India is gearing up for a strong SUV push with at least six out of ten new models planned for the next three years starting FY25 being sports utility vehicles (SUVs), reinforcing the Japanese carmaker’s strong intent to sharpen focus on the vehicle body type amid a rapid shift in buyer preference. The … Read more

India SUV sales: SUVs to continue steering PV sales to record high in FY25, but overall demand scenario a concern

The overall demand for cars in India will continue downward trajectory in the upcoming financial year, even as SUV thirst is likely to push passenger vehicle (PV) sales to record high, a report showed on Monday. Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are likely to propel overall PV volumes to record high at 5-7 per cent in … Read more

Hyundai SUVs: Expect SUVs to account 65 pc of total sales in India this year, 20 pc from EVs by 2030: Hyundai

Hyundai Motor India expects SUV sales to account for 65 per cent of its overall volumes in 2024, while it gears up to enter the EV segment early next year, aiming to garner 20 per cent of its total sales by 2030, its COO Tarun Garg said on Tuesday. The automaker, which got around 60 … Read more

Maruti Suzuki SUVs: Maruti Suzuki’s Shashank Srivastava on how the god of small cars had its big bang moment with SUVs, and where it’s headed next

For Maruti, small spelt big for decades when it led the market with its entry level cars and hatchbacks. The company, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, reincarnated in 2016 as a big-car maker with its first SUV, the Brezza, which was a success that birthed more. How was it able to anticipate and capture the new … Read more

car sales: Fantastic four – Hyundai, Tata, M&M and Toyota – fire up Motown, drive into record books

New Delhi: In a record year for car sales, only four companies – Hyundai, Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra and Toyota – hit new highs, amid weak demand at the lower end of the market. Market leader Maruti Suzuki got to 1.71 million units, but that was still short of its pre-Covid record of 1.73 … Read more

Cars Are Getting Bigger. Can Smarter Software Make Them Safer?

It’s not just you: American cars have gotten bigger. Over the past two decades, growing numbers of US buyers have turned in their sedans for SUVs and pickup trucks. And those SUVs and pickups have grown ever more hulking. The electrification of driving isn’t slowing the growth spurt. Batteries are heavy, and many carmakers are … Read more

Motown spreads Christmas cheer with best deals in 5 years

New Delhi: Carmakers are offering the best deals seen in the past five years on small cars, sedans and slow-moving SUVs to reduce dealer inventory that has ballooned after the recent festive season. Several dealers and industry executives ET spoke to said discounts on vehicles have increased by 25-50% over the same period last year, … Read more