Brian Austin Green: Co-Parenting Is About Picking ‘Your Battles’

Brian Austin Green has a pragmatic approach to co-parenting with his ex-wife, Megan Fox. The “Beverly Hills, 90210” actor talked about knowing how to “pick your battles” during a Saturday interview with E! News at Pennsylvania’s Steel City Comic Con. Prioritizing what matters is big for Green, who shares sons Noah, 11, Bodhi, 10, and … Read more

Megan Fox Reacts To ‘Love Is Blind’ Star Chelsea’s Comparisons To Her

Megan Fox is dishing out her thoughts on Chelsea Blackwell’s controversial comparison to her during the latest season of “Love Is Blind.” During Season 6 of the Netflix dating show, Blackwell left the internet in shambles after she told fellow contestant and love interest, Jimmy Presnell, that she’s been told Fox is her celebrity doppelgänger. … Read more

Megan Fox’s “Blue Jeans” Bob Has Me Changing All My Spring Hair Plans — See Photos

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Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Procedures Revealed

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Megan Fox Says She Fell In Love With Other People ‘All The Time’ During Her Marriage

Nearly three years after splitting from her ex-husband, Brian Austin Green, Megan Fox is looking back on the “unfulfilling” relationship. “I got myself into a relationship, which I of course found — no shade to Brian ― unfulfilling, because inevitably, that’s what I was going to do, because I was reenacting what I watched my … Read more

Megan Fox confirms Machine Gun Kelly engagement was called off – National

Megan Fox has confirmed that her engagement to rapper Machine Gun Kelly was called off last year, though the actor refused to reveal the current state of their relationship. During an interview shared Wednesday on Alex Cooper’s ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast, Fox, 37, spoke candidly about several subjects, but said the latest status of her … Read more

Megan Fox Had a Lot to Say About the Cosmetic Procedures She’s Had Done

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Forget Ear Piercings, Megan Fox Pierced Her Nails for the People’s Choice Awards — See the Video

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Megan Fox Put the Megan Fox-iest Spin on Coquette Hair — See the Photos

Fox’s makeup artist Jenna Kristina used romantic, subtle pink tones on the star’s face to mimic her hair color, brushing pastel pink blush on her cheeks and a similar shade on her lips, plus Fox’s signature black liner, lush lashes, and bold brows combo. Fox typically wears her hair down, but when she pulls it … Read more

Megan Fox’s Latest 3D Manicure Matches Her New Pink Hair — See Photos

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