Maruti Suzuki’s annual sales volume crosses 2 million units

Maruti Suzuki India disclosed its quarter four results for FY 2023-24, indicating a notable rise in net profit by 47.8 per cent to Rs 3,877.8 crore compared to Rs 2,623.6 crore in the same period last fiscal year.The annual sales volume of the Maruti Suzuki has also surpassed the 2 million units. The company has … Read more

India’s record car sales in 2023: Here’s a look under the hood

India’s passenger vehicle market, valued at Rs 4.5 lakh crore, has been outpacing volume growth. It has just passed a milestone as annual volumes of cars, sedans and utility vehicles breached the four million mark for the first time in 2023. As per industry estimates, about 4.1 million passenger vehicles were sold in the local … Read more

Sales of Indian SUVs soar, smaller cars skid in December

Sales of sports utility vehicles (SUVs) rose in December, while small car sales fell despite high discounts, data from Indian automakers showed on Monday. While entry-level vehicles remain a millstone around automobile makers’ necks, they have benefited from the sales of premium vehicles, catering to a more well-off demographic largely unaffected by inflation. Maruti Suzuki … Read more