US Woman Born On Leap Day Gives Birth To Baby On Leap Day

Dr Kai Sun and her husband, Michael Paik, were delighted by Chloe’s timely arrival. A North Carolina doctor, Dr Kai Sun, welcomed a very special delivery on Thursday-her daughter, Chloe, who arrived on the same rare day Dr Sun herself was born: Leap Day. Dr Sun, an assistant professor and rheumatologist at Duke Health, and … Read more

Leap Day sale gets Yves Saint Laurent skin tint that ‘makes skin look flawless’ for £19

Designer brand Yves Saint Laurent has a premium make-up range, but there’s a way to try it out for much cheaper at Lookfantastic today. The one-day sale offers 29 percent off to celebrate the leap year, which is happening today. The extra February day brings a nice surprise for beauty fans, who can save on … Read more