NHS doctors appointments and GP changes as ‘8am scramble’ axed

A change to doctor’s appointments and GPs surgery services is set to come into effect following the new government voted in this week. As part of a sweeping set of changes aiming to improve NHS services, the new government is looking to overhaul how GP surgeries’ appointments and doctors appointments in general work. The Labour … Read more

New towns and old ideas: Labour’s housing plan – podcast | News

Labour’s key housing pledge is to build 1.5m homes if it wins the general election. Its plan includes a promise to build new towns but what would it take to pull it off? “I think the new towns idea is very grabbing,” Robert Booth, the Guardian’s social affairs correspondent, tells Hannah Moore. “To build genuine … Read more

The economy and Labour’s post-election dilemma – podcast | News

Central to Labour’s campaign over the last few weeks has been one key message: that the party, should it win the election on 4 July, will be a force for stability after years of political turmoil. Keir Starmer’s economic pledges have been aimed to be reassuring and cautious: no big increases in public spending, no … Read more

Labour takes on the SNP in Scotland – podcast | News

“A really typical doorstep conservation will involve someone saying: ‘I’m just completely scunnered, can you do what you can to get them out?’” Kirsty McNeill, the Labour candidate for Midlothian, tells the Guardian’s Scotland correspondent Libby Brooks. “Then I’ll have to clarify: ‘Do you mean them up the road or them down the road?’ And … Read more

Floating housing for LNG workers rejected by Squamish

Descrease article font size Increase article font size Plans to use a renovated cruise ship to house more than 600 workers as they build a liquefied natural gas facility near Squamish, B.C., have been voted down by the local council. The ship arrived in B.C. waters in January after a 40-day journey from Estonia, where … Read more

Illegal profits from forced labour up by 37% in last 10 years to $236 billion per year: ILO

Forced labour in the private economy generates $236 billion in illegal profits per year with the total amount of illegal profits from forced labour rising by $64 billion or 37% since 2014, the International Labour Organization (ILO) said on Tuesday. “This is a dramatic increase that has been fuelled by both a growth in the … Read more

Labour’s £28bn green policy U-turn – podcast | News

In late 2021, Labour party members were still licking their wounds after a byelection defeat in Hartlepool, and Keir Starmer was at something of a crossroads in his leadership. He needed something big and bold that would excite his party and get the attention of voters. He was under pressure to match the ambition of … Read more

Revisited: From Blair to Starmer: Labour’s path to power, part 2 – podcast | News

This week we are re-running some of our favourite episodes. Today in Focus will return with new episodes on Tuesday 2 January 2024. Labour went into the 1997 general election having been in opposition for 18 years. None of the shadow cabinet had any government experience. And yet the party led by Tony Blair was … Read more