Tanti Auguri! For Giorgio Armani’s 90th Birthday, a Collection of 90 of His Most Indelible Fashion Moments

Giorgio Armani is a fashion giant who first made his mark in menswear. His signature soft approach to tailoring reshaped not only the masculine suit but also male stereotypes. See Richard Gere at his most drop-dead gorgeous in 1980’s American Gigolo for proof. When it comes to womenswear, Armani focuses on sartorialism rather than flou, … Read more

23 Best Perfume Gifts in 2024 for Valentine’s Day Gifting

Finding the best perfume gifts for any loved one this Valentine’s Day can be difficult. After all, everyone’s fragrance profile and the preferred notes they lean towards are unique. With that being said, we already know that the power of a good fragrance is potent. It can trigger memories, invoke deep emotions, or remind you … Read more