Daily Wire CEO Tells Nick Fuentes He’s ‘Talented’

During a livestreamed conversation with white supremacist Nick Fuentes last week, the CEO of the Daily Wire, a major right-wing media outlet, praised the prominent fascist influencer and offered only mild criticism about some of his political views — a stark difference from how he has spoken about Fuentes in the past. On March 25, … Read more

Arizona Bill Would Let Politicians Overturn Election Results

Arizona state Sen. Anthony Kern (R), a “fake elector” for Donald Trump in 2020 who was also photographed on Capitol grounds during the Jan. 6 attack, has filed a longshot proposal to allow Arizona politicians to overturn the will of voters in presidential elections. It’s the latest in a long line of similar bills in … Read more

The Right’s Newest Conspiracy Is The Super Bowl-Taylor Swift-Joe Biden ‘Psyop’

It’s a conspiracy involving the deepest of deep states: The world’s most popular entertainer, America’s most popular sporting event and the president of the United States. Its goal, according to theories circulating in the outskirts of MAGA world, is to covertly compel fans to throw the 2024 election to the Democrats. Right-wing speculation reached a … Read more

Why The American West Is A Hotbed Of Extremism

Conservation writer and historian Betsy Gaines Quammen lives in the heart of Bozeman, Montana — a city and a state that have been inundated with wealthy transplants in recent years, thanks in part to pandemic-era migration out of urban areas and the hit TV Western series “Yellowstone.” Long-standing myths about the American West — including … Read more