Is there a link between stroke and climate change? A study may have found one – National

Scorching hot days and frigid cold spells may be contributing to an increasing number of deaths and disabilities from stroke, according to a new study. With climate change leading to more extreme temperatures, the global burden of stroke could continue to rise. The study, published Wednesday in Neurology, found that in 2019 climate change could … Read more

Humanity Is Dangerously Pushing Its Ability to Tolerate Heat

Humanity’s superpower is sweating—but rising heat could be our kryptonite, and an average temperature rise of 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels could bring regular, fatal heat waves to large parts of the planet, says Tom Matthews, a senior lecturer in environmental geography at King’s College London. “We have evolved to cope with the most … Read more

Who Tests If Heat-Proof Clothing Actually Works? These Poor Sweating Mannequins

Meet ANDI, the world’s sweatiest mannequin. Although he might look like a shop-floor stalwart from a distance, a closer glance reveals bundles of cabling and pipework concealed beneath his shell. He’s wired up with sensors, plumbed into a liquid supply, and dotted with up to 150 individual pores that open when he gets warm. It … Read more

The Foods the World Will Lose to Climate Change

There’s no denying it: Farming had a rough year. Extreme weather spun up storms and floods, unseasonal freezes and baking heat waves, and prolonged parching droughts. In parts of the world in 2023, tomato plants didn’t flower, the peach crop never came in, and the price of olive oil soared. To be a farmer right … Read more