Fauci In New Book: Trump Screamed At Me, Told Me He Loved Me

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the infectious disease expert who advised the federal government on its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, detailed his whiplash-inducing relationship with Donald Trump in his new memoir. Excerpts from the book, “On Call: A Doctor’s Journey in Public Service,” were shared Thursday by several media outlets the week before its scheduled release. … Read more

Past COVID infections may help protect against certain colds, study finds

(AP) — If you’ve been sick with COVID-19, you may have some protection against certain versions of the common cold. A new study suggests previous COVID-19 infections lower the risk of getting colds caused by milder coronavirus cousins, which could provide a key to broader COVID-19 vaccines. “We think there’s going to be a future … Read more

B.C. becomes 1st province in Canada to pay for Paxlovid

British Columbia is the first province in Canada to be paying for the COVID-19 medication Paxlovid. The federal government has told all provinces it will no longer be paying for the drug used to treat COVID-19. Other provinces are moving the drug to the pharmacare program. Paxlovid is an anti-viral medication approved by Health Canada … Read more

Mpox and COVID-19 vaccines can be given at the same time: NACI – National

The National Advisory Committee on Immunization says the mpox vaccine can be given at the same time as an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, reversing its previous recommendation to wait at least four weeks due to safety concerns. It said Friday that data is now available to show there is no increased risk of myocarditis or anaphylaxis … Read more

A new global pandemic agreement is near. But why can’t countries agree on a plan? – National

A global treaty to fight pandemics like COVID is going to have to wait: After more than two years of negotiations, rich and poor countries have failed — for now — to come up with a plan for how the world might respond to the next pandemic. After COVID-19 triggered once-unthinkable lockdowns, upended economies and killed millions, leaders at … Read more

Lady Gaga Reveals She Played 5 Shows With COVID: ‘Didn’t Want To Let All The Fans Down’

Lady Gaga made quite an entrance Thursday at the Los Angeles premiere of her concert film “Gaga Chromatic Ball,” and caused an even bigger splash when she told the crowd she “did five shows with COVID” during the eponymous tour in 2022, per social media footage. “I shared it with everyone on my team,” Gaga … Read more

The Most Common COVID Symptoms Doctors Are Seeing This Spring

As we head into summer, there’s a new dominant COVID-19 variant that’s infecting people across the United States. KP.2 now represents 28% of COVID-19 infections in the country, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “KP.2 is one of several variants being referred to as ‘FLiRT variants,’ named after the technical names for … Read more

China’s overseas students under pressure amid economic uncertainty

As a growing number of overseas Chinese students run into financial difficulties due to the declining wealth of their families, many go online to express their grief and seek advice on how to cope with the situation. Andersen Ross Photography Inc | Digitalvision | Getty Images When Xiao Zhang went to the U.S. to study … Read more

COVID-19 attacked one lung, cancer the other. A double transplant saved him – National

One lung ravaged by COVID-19, the other damaged by lung cancer — this was the daunting reality facing 56-year-old Arthur Gillespie, a former police captain from Chicago. In March 2020, Gillespie found himself hospitalized for 12 days, battling a high fever. This came after he contracted COVID-19 following a visit with his father to see … Read more