Block trades led by global firms reach record $15 billion

International companies are seizing on the strength of India’s stock market to offload stakes in local subsidiaries to investors wanting to get in on the action. About $15 billion has been raised in secondary sales or block trades in India this year, a more than 150% surge from the same period in 2023, data compiled … Read more

Best quarter in 14 years: Block trades raise $7.1 bn as Tata, BAT cash in

Block trades in India are close to capping their best quarter in 14 years as the country’s booming stock market encourages shareholders to monetize stakes. Shareholders have raised $7.1 billion selling their holdings in India so far this year, with the quarter on track to have raised the most from block trades since the January … Read more

stock deals: Chock-a-Block: Rs 55,000 crore mega stock deals & counting

Mumbai: The frequency and size of block deals in India are keeping pace with the recent surge in India’s equity indices as promoters, private equity majors and global investment funds execute billions of dollars of negotiated trades in public stock. So far in March, shares worth more than ₹55,000 crore – the highest ever in … Read more

Morgan Stanley banker who lifted hedge funds from ‘kiddie table’ with stock tips

For years, hedge funds knew that one man at Morgan Stanley could make them millions. A big block of shares would come up for sale, and block-trading head Pawan Passi would tip off the funds. One even told Passi he had put that investor “in the game” (adding a colorful modifier) and that the investor … Read more