PS5 down to lowest price at Argos – and you can pick it up today | Gaming | Entertainment

Sony’s Days of Play is currently under way, offering discounts on games, PS Plus subscriptions and even hardware like PS5 consoles and reduced PlayStation VR 2 headsets. While certain Days of Play bonuses will remain throughout the month of June, the discounts will only be available until June 12, making this your last chance to … Read more

Argos shoppers rush to buy PlayStation device that just became an essential purchase | Gaming | Entertainment

If you’ve been thinking about buying a PlayStation VR 2 headset but have never been able to afford one, then you might want to pay a visit to Argos. The UK retailer is currently selling the PSVR 2 headset with controllers for just £439.99, which is a saving of almost £100. It’s the same price … Read more

Argos shoppers rushing to buy powerhouse Xbox console at cheapest ever price | Gaming | Entertainment

If you’ve been holding off picking up an Xbox Series X since Microsoft’s console launched back in 2020, then there’s never been a better time to make the investment. Indeed, if you live near an Argos store then you might want to stop by and lay down some cash, because the Xbox Series X has … Read more

Argos shoppers can buy last year’s best-selling game at lowest price ever | Gaming | Entertainment

Argos customers can grab another fantastic bargain this week, as the price of the best-selling game of 2023 is slashed by the high-street retailer. Despite selling by the bucketload, Hogwarts Legacy has been reduced to its “lowest price ever” by Argos. The UK retailer is currently selling Hogwarts Legacy for PS5, Xbox Series X and … Read more

Argos customers race to grab in-demand PS5 essential at cheapest ever price | Gaming | Entertainment

Most gamers will agree that 2023 was a remarkable year for gaming. So many fantastic games launched over the course of the year, from big-budget blockbusters like Resident Evil 4 Remake and Street Fighter 6, to superb indie games such as Cocoon and Slay the Princess. Nintendo treated us to new releases like The Legend … Read more

Argos shoppers rushing to buy best-selling console with essential freebie | Gaming | Entertainment

The Xbox Series X is a true gaming powerhouse, featuring super speedy processing power, cutting-edge visuals and neat features like Quick Resume, which lets players switch between games in an instant, picking up exactly where they left off. If you’ve been thinking of grabbing an Xbox Series X console, then there’s arguably never been a … Read more

Argos customers rush to buy Steam Deck rival at massively discounted price | Gaming | Entertainment

The Steam Deck is without doubt my favourite current-gen console, easily beating the PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X. It’s probably in my top three of all time, battling with the likes of the PS2, Mega Drive, Gamecube, Saturn and Dreamcast. The fact that emulation makes it possible to play all of those consoles … Read more

Argos selling in-demand Meta Quest headset at bargain price – Hurry before they’re gone | Gaming | Entertainment

Argos is selling the Meta Quest 2 virtual reality device at a massively reduced price. While it may not have the mixed-reality capabilities of the more recent Meta Quest 3, the last-gen VR headset is still mightily impressive, featuring support for hundreds of games and apps from the Meta Store. You can play everything from … Read more